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DT50 amp no variax digital input
by robertmoo on 2011-05-19 18:06:28.1040

The new DT50  amp  does not have a connection for the variax digital input that the Vetta II had, why is this, as the DT50 seems to be the new flag ship and the vetta II has been deletted. That means we cannot connect a James Tyler Variax direct to the DT50 using a digital cable to sink the two units together. Is the best way to connect a variax guitar to the DT50 through a Pod HD or is there any other way to get the digital signal to the amp from the variax.

Regards Rob

Re: DT50 amp no variax digital input
by TheRealZap on 2011-05-19 18:12:53.4710

yes you would need the HD500 specifically, as none of the other HD units have a variax input either.

the vetta was designed as an all in one amp/effects package... the DT50 was designed solely as an amp.

Re: DT50 amp no variax digital input
by gtrman100 on 2011-05-19 22:14:10.2790

Since the DT50 doesn't have any ability to control the Variax, I can't think of a reason to use a digital cable with it. The whole idea behind the VDI is so the Pod can switch guitar models while switching guitar amps and effects. The regular guitar output would work fine with the DT50.

Re: DT50 amp no variax digital input
by litesnsirens on 2011-05-26 04:14:03.0940

Might have been nice to include it solely to power the guitar.  I know it's limited functionality, but an important function none the less.

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