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JTV-69: Frets, fretboard and missing screw (part2/support question)
by Sampo72 on 2011-05-20 01:49:30.8300

Sorry for repost -- I did not flag original thread as question.

I will definitely return it next week. I think there are at least two other JTV-69's here on the forums with similar string slip problem and it leads me to believe there might be something wrong with specifications how to polish fret ends in  the factory. Is it something that will be/have been corrected or should I just get my money back?  Once again, without this I would be more than happy with the guitar (even with other issues that I am having)

Are there any other forumites  having this problem?

Thanks for assistance!



My Candy Apple Red finally arrived last Friday from Thomann.

After 8 months of waiting my fully paid guitar and multiples delays to "get things right (hang in there - you won't be disapointed)", I must say things did not get to be right and I was disapointed. Issues so far:

1) Tremolo screw missing. No, I did not find it from gig bag and it was not in plastic bags either

2) In my opinion fret ends are filed to wrong angle, there is too little space between fret end and e-string -- this causes e string to slip from fingerboard. I have 2 Tylers + 2 other guitars in home and I had opportunity to compare Variax to about 10 guitars in our rehearsal space. None of them had this problem. Also two other guitar players have noticed this problem. 

3) Fingerboard is brown under e and b strings and almost black under the rest. This is only cosmetical but it irritates me.

4) Battery charger box was opened (seal was unbroken but box was clearly damaged) so I put battery to guitar and there was enough juice to at least power the tuning and modeling knobs. If the battery was not charged as instructed in the manual first,  how will it affect its life?  

5) There was not any Tyler rounding in edges of fingerboard. No biggie, but I thought there was supposed to be that.

Other than that (and some disapointment in ghost notes and wobbling in alternate tunings) guitar was fine. And some model were glorious (I really liked semis and jazz boxes!).

But I need that screw ASAP. I am probably returnig the guitar because of the neck.

Thanks for listening,


Re: JTV-69: Frets, fretboard and missing screw (part2/support question)
by Sampo72 on 2011-05-24 00:17:09.4300

In case anybody is interested (Line6 surely is not) guitar is going back this week.

I have not received any contact from Line6 her or personally. Thomann wants guitar back ASAP in mint condition, so they are probably gonna ship it forward. Beware. I now have to wait next shipment until July, at least.

Irony is, if the person who  decided to test drive it and charged the battery would have been competent, they should have not shipped the guitar to me.  

In the end, they both lost me as customer. 

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