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by cr8z4life2 on 2011-05-22 10:55:29.2530


   I recently was lucky enough to pick up a Tyler Variax JTV69 from one of your dealers on Ebay.  After a good setup from my guitar tech it feels great.  My question is this.  Everything is operating properly but I am finding when in modeling mode there is something unpleasant in the midrange on the models.  I cant put my finger on it, but unlike its counterparts that have a broader spectrum from low to high  (tele's especially)  the models are concentrated more in the mids and there is something unpleasant about it.   Is this how they are voiced or is there possibly an issue with the one I have.  I havent tried it in a band mix yet and it might work well there with this but I was hoping it would emulate the instruments closer without the midrange color.    Look forward to your response

  Thanks in advance


Re: Tone
by gtrman100 on 2011-05-22 23:22:11.7040

Are you finding this tone in all the models, or just some? The accuracy of the models vary from extremely close, to just in the ballpark. I personally find the Spank 3 model to be very dark, not close to a real Strat, but the other models very close to a vintage Strat. You might try reflashing the firmware to make sure you have the latest version.

Re: Tone
by cr8z4life2 on 2011-05-23 07:38:32.0230

  Interesting.......I find the strat the closest when I go back and forth.  It is a little darker and louder but similar tone.......I find the Tele to be the most mid centric and doesnt sound like the vintage sounding tele I have.  Most of the models are darker and more midrangy than the real thing.    How do I check the firmware?

Re: Tone
by ozbadman on 2011-05-23 09:29:10.0360

Bearing in mind that no two strats/teles sound the same so I wouldn't expect the Line 6 ones to sound like anyone else's strat/tele exactly. The real question is does it sound like a strat/tele, and does it sound like the exact strat/tele they modelled?

In terms of the mids, all I can say is that the strat sounds are very close to my Ash body Strat and close is all I can expect since  don't have the exact Strat they modelled. I'm not really a Tele player so I couldn't tell you about the mids on the Tele models but again, it won't necessarily match anyone's exact Tele as they're all different.

The firmware is definitely a possibilty. They did make some model changes between v1.60 (what the JTV tends to be shipped with at the moment) and v1.70. You can see what firmware you have by loading up Line 6 Monkey I think (or maybe Workbench? Sorry, don't have them here) and pluggin your JTV in through the USB. Definietly make sure you're on v1.70 as it makes a difference.

Good luck,


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