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output malfunction
by bolingator on 2011-05-25 15:41:25.4310

hey whats up line 6 community i really hope i can count with your awesomeness...i couple of days ago i noticed a very anoying noise when i recorded with my pod x3 live ...yeah i no what a lot will say..."its clippin turn the volume down!!" -"its probably the cable.." but im so sad to say that those are not my problems.

the sound im talking about its like if ther was this strong microphone just steping over the guitar you turn the volume all the way up of your amp and you get that very loud hissssss!!!...the guitar still sounds a very low volume. the thing is that when you hear the monitors you can barely notice that sound, but when you hear the record you can hear that powerful hisss

so i checked everything, guitar, bought new cables, change patches, eq, sounds etc. and nothing helped, so i tried and recorded from lots of sources and then i knew  that the problem was the pedalboard, because all of those things sounded crystal clear except for the pod.

i record from diferent outputs on the pod and all have the same problem but the phones output seems to be having it louder. I leave this soundcloud link so you can hear what im talking please!!!!! thanx

Re: output malfunction
by silverhead on 2011-05-25 18:06:29.4580

That is some nasty hiss! I think you might be close to an answer when you mentioned a microphone. Is it possible that you have Tone 2 locked to a tone that uses the mic input and has the volume (tone vol or mic trim) turned way up? Check you Home page display - if the little padlock icon in the bottom row shows locked, turn the little knob beneath it until it unlocks.

Re: output malfunction
by bolingator on 2011-05-25 18:38:48.6000

thanks man, the thing is..i dont even have a microphone or the dual tone enabled on any patch, i also cheked the in/out config to see if something was wrong but everything seems fine...i am really worried, im thinking bout changing  the whole headphone output just to see how it goes with that or maybe reset the am really clueless..any ideas people?? please...

RE: output malfunction
by Line6david on 2011-05-26 15:53:31.8010


Try reflashing the POD X3:

In Line 6 Monkey, select flash memory from the updates tab and click reinstall latest.



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