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Broken Model Switch on JTV 59
by mkrohne on 2011-05-26 05:41:33.7570

Just got my JTV 59. It is a beautiful guitar and I loved playing it for a whole 90 minutes. Then the Modeling switch would not turn off. Now the Modeling switch will not turn on. As a straight ahead LP copy, this is a sweet guitar, but I can get other Asian LP copies for half the price. I was planning to use this for a gig in Alabama this weekend - guess not!

Pushing down on the Modeling switch no longer turns the modeling section on or off. Once the guitar was disconnected, Modeling no longer worked. Just before this happened, I had a little trouble with the switch not always working as it should, but it would eventually. The Modeling push-in switch no longer has the same "feel" as the Alt Tuning switch. I assume the Modeling switch needs to be replaced.

Other aspects of the guitar worked great. I was even able to creat a couple of new models and upload them through the Variax Workbench before the failure.

How do I get this fixed? I live in Atlanta GA. I would like to keep the guitar, and just have the electronics fixed.

Re: Broken Model Switch on JTV 59
by kokopelli_ on 2011-05-26 06:32:06.8410

This is a known issue with the knob.

Sometimes it gets pushed down too far and it stops working.

You need to pull the knob up a bit.

If you put a spacer inside the knob it should correct the issue.

My JTV 59 TSB simetimes gets pushed down too far, and I pull it up a bit.

I have not yet tried the spacer, but that seems like a permanant fix.

Re: Broken Model Switch on JTV 59
by mkrohne on 2011-05-26 07:49:40.4130

Thanks for the tip. I'll try it tonight. I will still need a permanent solution. Sweet Water also tells me this is a known issue and that Line 6 is trying to figure out why it is happening.

Re: STICKY Model Switch on JTV 59
by mkrohne on 2011-05-26 16:46:03.3710

OK I tried puling the knob up just a bit and it worked. I wonder if the tape or label coating is just thick enough to make a snug fit just a little too tight? Speculation on my part. It didn't take much of a pull to fix the problem - at least temporarily.

Re: Broken Model Switch on JTV 59
by mkrohne on 2011-05-31 11:33:05.0890

Just did a gig outside in Alabama. It was hot and I expected the switch to stick. But the JTV 59 made it through the gig.

I never used my backup guitar and  relied heavily on both the modeling and the magnetic pickups of the Variax. Success!

So the problem is manageable, but not necessarily fixed yet. If Line 6 comes up with a solution, I will prefer that my local shop fix it for me with parts from Line 6. I do not want to ship this guitar back and forth just to fix a sticky switch. That is too much risk for a (fixable) mechanical problem.

Re: Broken Model Switch on JTV 59
by BBarker on 2011-05-31 13:48:22.5600

I had a similar problem with my Variax Bass 700. The knob that allowed me to save my setting slid down on the shaft and would not engage the push to save part.  All I had to do to permantly fix the problem was to remove the knob, cut a small spacer (1/16" thick) out of plastic that fit up into the knob, and then reinstall the knob.  Problem solved, took me about 5 min to fix.  Others at the time had similar problems that just removed the knob, put some tape on the shaft and reinstall the knob.


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