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Acoustic 700 turns out to be pretty unreliable
by hilu on 2011-05-26 06:43:45.0620

Hi Folks (those at Line 6 especially),

My Variax Acoustic 700 does not connect to Workbench, even though it appears in the Monkey app and Flash could be updated.

Reminds me of what I read before here:

exactly the same symptoms.

The thing that really makes me upset is that there seems to be some kind of serois quality problem with the Acoustic 700.

I bought the first one in 2009 and got it replaced after a few months after the bridge started to lift from the cedar top of the guitar.

The replacement (which came with a spruce top, much to my astonishment) started developing volume problems and produced drop-outs after a few months -- which ia exactly what you do not need on stage. I opened a thread here and was told by some Line6 staff to update the Flash of the instrument and the sound patches using Workbench. Honestly, this wasn't exactly what I expected, a little more customer patting would have been nice with the history described above, especially as the instrument was still under warranty.

Anyway, bought Workbench, did the Flash reset, and the problem vanished until now, another six months later. The guitar is producing dropouts again, but Workbench refuses to recognize it. Monkey even advised me to register the guitar, which is ridiculous as the instrument it is registered since I purchased it.

If anyone at Line6 reads this: Where can I file a fromal complaint? And I am relly looking forward to receiving your offer for a repair on a goodwill basis, as to me, the Acoustic 700 really turns out to lack the reliability that I would expect of an instrument with this price tag and that I need as a perforing musician.

Anybody else went through something similar?

Re: Acoustic 700 turns out to be pretty unreliable
by hilu on 2011-05-26 07:50:58.4140

NB: See this for reference regarding the entire story:

RE: Acoustic 700 turns out to be pretty unreliable
by Line6Tony on 2011-06-01 16:53:42.1080

I'm sorry to see this be your experience. Your best bet at this point is to contact the Line 6 UK office to find if they can assist you. They may be able to contact the service center you have a relationship with and be able to talk to their techs on what the problem may be, then offer a solution that may be more satisfying to you. How and what assistance Line 6 UK is at their discretion. You can find their contact information at, which is also where your complain can be lodged.

The information above may not be current, and you should direct questions to the current forum or review the manual.