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Mk II Express not working with Spider III 150
by wlatourelle on 2011-05-27 21:42:48.0520

I just bought a mk ii express expecting it to be a plug and play pedal that is easy to use. and apparently that is not the case because when i plugged it into my spider iii 150 it wont let me control the settings through the pedal, but it displays if i switch through my channels on the amp itself. i tried calibrating, updating firmware, rolling back firmware, unplugging it, holding down every button combination possible but nothing works. please help and let me know what I can do to fix this

Re: RE: Mk II Express not working with Spider III 150
by darealagentp on 2011-06-02 09:58:44.7900

The FBV Express MKII control pedal is a very basic remote control device. All it can do when connected to a Spider III 150 amp would be the following tasks:

  • Switch through Channels A through D in whichever active Userbank # you're current in. (If you want to navigate to a different Userbank, you'll have to reach over with your finger and use the Up/Down arrows on the panel of the Spider III 150 to change banks... there's no ability to navigate via footcontrol with an Express)
  • Activate the Tuner function of the amp.
  • Volume/Wah toggle control of the amp.
  • Set the Tap Tempo rate of any Delay or Modulation effect.

You can't bypass effects in the Spider III because... there are no switches available for that. The next model up (Shortboard MKII) has Bank Up/Down and additional footswitches assigned to bypass effects (Stomp, Delay, Mod, etc.)

The FBV Express MKII is less expensive at the cost of reduced switching functions.

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