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XDT4 transmitter
by ozziem8 on 2009-04-28 21:17:01.4570

I just bought the X2 XDR95 digital wireless guitar system no more than 2 weeks ago from Guitar Center. I am now trying to buy an extra XDT4 transmitter and can't find one at any of the authorized distributors, they all say it's out of stock or DISCONTINUED! This is disheartning. Have these been discontinued? If so, I wish I would have been told before I purchased.

Re: XDT4 transmitter
by saucyjak on 2011-09-19 11:50:46.0200

unacceptable, Ive had mine for less then 2 years, trensmitter broke and cannot get a replacement.

DONT BUY LINE 6 gear. They should at least have replacement parts for 5 years.

Hope nothing goes wrong with my podhd500


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