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Missing Battery, Charger, Manual
by smithjb on 2011-06-02 13:12:26.3070

Hi - I just received my JTV-59 that I ordered back in December.  Looks great EXCEPT - NO BATTERY, CHARGER OR MANUAL!!!!  Incredibly frustrating to wait this long, and then not be able to use the guitar!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I searched the box and gig bag over and over, not believing that the battery was acutally not included!  Well, at least the allen wrenches were there...

Ordered from Musician's Friend.  They are looking into it... How much longer will I have to wait?????

Re: Missing Battery, Charger, Manual
by ReverendLove on 2011-06-02 13:26:55.2830

They were in a big foam endcap in the top of the box. This one was covered with sheet of paper. Did you found your workbench hub? This one is allso in the cap.

Re: Missing Battery, Charger, Manual
by smithjb on 2011-06-02 13:29:49.9130

All of it is missing - the only thing in the box from Musician's Friend was the gig bag.  So, I'm missing the workbench software too.  :-(

Re: Missing Battery, Charger, Manual
by ReverendLove on 2011-06-02 13:41:07.8220

There wasn't any cap above the top of your variax (head plate (-; )? Was it packed in an original box with teh "Line 6" label?

I recommend you to call your supplier immediately.

Re: Missing Battery, Charger, Manual
by kokopelli_ on 2011-06-02 14:01:54.2530

Please look in the box again.

I thought that the charger was missing when I received my JTV59 TSB.

Open the bottom of the box.

Look in the styrafoam base that the guitar was fitted in.

Perhaps the stuff is there and you missed it.

It is like a secret hiding place.

Re: Missing Battery, Charger, Manual
by streetz on 2011-06-02 15:50:42.8780

The gig bag should have had two white foam end pieces holding it in the box. One of these foam end pieces has a foam cover, and under the foam cover are all the missing parts.

Re: Missing Battery, Charger, Manual
by smithjb on 2011-06-02 17:58:47.2000

The guitar was not in the original line6 box.  The gig bag was sent in a plain box with some paper padding.  No foam at all.  I'm now thinking that someone returned this guitar to Musician's Friend, and when they repackaged it, they did not include all the extras :-(

Looks like I'll have I'll either have to wait for the missing stuff, or return this one...

The wait continues!

Re: Missing Battery, Charger, Manual
by laelamiles on 2011-06-02 19:41:54.2800


Same bloody thing happened to me.

Stupid incompetents at Line6/GC sent me the 59 without battery, charger, USB interface or manual.  It didn't come in original JTV box either.  Switch washer was too small for the hole.

It's going right back to GC for an exchange -- special ordering the parts would take a month or more and they have stock coming in on the 6th.

This is my second time returning the '59.  Holy incompetence, batman.

Re: Missing Battery, Charger, Manual
by smithjb on 2011-06-03 10:34:04.5050

Sorry to hear you had the same bad luck!  Don't you wonder where the mising parts ended up?

I'm doing the same thing - shipped mine back to Musician's friend this morning, since they are also due for a  new shipment on the 6th.  Hopefully, a complete, working guitar will arrive within a couple of weeks!

Re: Missing Battery, Charger, Manual
by BigChas52 on 2011-06-03 10:44:15.6090

1.  GC & MF are the worst.  They routinely ship out returns as new products, repackaged, and sometimes with stuff missing.  I hate dealing with them.

2.  Line 6's quality control is absolutely aweful.  They don't test long enough before releasing new products (hence the POD Farm 2.5 fiasco), and they ship manufactured products without doing even routine checks for defects.  I don't understand that they don't realize that lost business due to lack of trust and disgruntled customers, combined with replacing bad product costs them a LOT more than a good QC process.

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