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Line 6 help me please! I been battling endlessly since January 2011
by saosin83 on 2011-06-02 13:47:20.8620

Hi my names Clint

I been having issues with my UX2 and PodFarm continuesly and getting it to work intimitently since Jan 2011. My studio is constantly closing to fix this DAMN issue! Ive had endless amounts of help from this Forum to the point where i get told they cant help anymore!

Im a huge Line 6 fan and user! Got The full 150 Spider 3 setup with floorboard. Pod Pro XT, UX2 and Podfarm. But my faith in the brand (software wise) is slowly dying!

Is there no way somebody can live interface with my PC via "VNC Server" for example and see whats going on?

Im a few short steps from throughing my UX2 out the window!

I formatted, Bought brand new Windows 7 (64bit installed) I eventually get the UX2 to work and then it just distorts a few hours later (making it useless even for playback of an MP3)

My PC Specs are

Intel Core i5 760 @ 2.80GHZ

8 Gigs RAM DDR3 Dual channel

Running Original Cubase 5

My Studio has been a flop this year so far!

There is no Tech help in my Country for Line 6 (South Africa)

So your help is needed URGENT!

Kind Regards


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