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Toneport UX8 knobs or xlr inputs not working.....How to properly install on a mac.
by shawn19in on 2011-06-04 06:54:10.5680

I recently bought a toneport ux8 and tried loading the install disc as it directed. The disc would not load any of the content to my mac for some reason. I went to the downloads page on and downloaded the monkey version 1.4, then used it to install the drivers, usb, cache, gearbox, and podfarm 2.5. afterwards I tried to use my unit with the 1/4 inch jack number 1 on the front panel to hear the guitar. What i got was a choppy signal and none of the volume contol knobs work for any channel. the PAD switch did work but that is it. I have all the lights on in the unit, and the vu meters in gearbox and on the unit are showing activity but no control. I also cannot get the xlr inputs to work. none of them!....this is the reason i spent this much money. I tried to uninstall everything and re install it but when i did i lost the icon in my system prefferences/ other section. I believe this is what allowed me to adjust the incoming and outgoing signals for the unit. Basicly the product doesnt work, I'm losing time and money and I'm tired of dealing with this. I tried to call support...LOL yea had me on hold for over half an hour with a nice recording giving me false hope of saying your caller 1 or something of the sort. Anywhay please help....someone.


I installed the drivers to my windows computer..... same install process except after installing the drivers on mac that was it...its supposed to work i guess. well windows runs the hardware wizard afterwards when you turn the unit on. after it runs, it properly installs the drivers and the unit works! So here's what I'm going to the version on mac, then manually install the drivers if it will let me. I'll keep you posted.

OK....Here's the thing. I'm new to mac so this whole think simple thing still hurts my head at I am way to used to the complexities of windows. So when you download the line 6 monkey 1.4 you then open it. select your device then download the drivers first. (on WINDOWS you complete the install from the disc, then turn on and plug in the usb. your hardware wizard will run to complete the installation. thats it for windows) for MAC however you install the drivers (with your unit unplugged and off) then it will ask you to re-start the computer, do so. Once your computer is back up and running then you can hook up the usb and power on the unit. Thats it. Now to fix the inputs to work how you need them to in your setup open your system prefferences and click on the icon for toneport ux8. there you can mute?unmute channels and adjust volume levels. Hope this helps everyone!

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