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Advice needed: POD HD500 and Vox Big Bad Wah
by yureetchong on 2011-06-09 10:27:21.7540

Hi guys:

I am new to this discussion/forum. I am also a new to POD HD500. I have a Vox Big Bad Wah that I want to use along with the POD HD500.

My setting:

Guitar - Gibson Les Paul Classic (496R/500T humbucker pickup). set the Guitar In to PAD.

Listen through headphone with Studio/Direct.

connection 1. Guitar --> Wah --> Pod HD500 --> headphone

connection 2. Guitar --> POD HD500 --> FX Send (Stomp voltage level)--> Wah --> Fx return (Stomp voltage level) with the FX loop in front of the effect chain.

However, all the sound that I got are pretty dirty and noisy (with different setting on the amp/wah itself). I tried with different amp model and just couldnt get the 'typical' wah sound. It is like the frequency spectrum of the sound are not linear or something.

So, I need some advice from you guys the tips of connecting the Vox Big Bad Wah (or any external wah pedal) to the POD HD500. Any advice will be very much appeaciated! Thanks in advance!!

Re: Advice needed: POD HD500 and Vox Big Bad Wah
by gregr on 2011-06-09 10:38:00.2160

Did you reduce the send level going to the Big Bad Wah when it was in the fx loop, and make sure to put the loop at the very beginning of the chain?

I've found that I need to reduce the send level by 5dB to match as closely as possible the volume coming from my guitar which has a Seymour Duncan JB, which is hardly a low output pickup.

Re: Advice needed: POD HD500 and Vox Big Bad Wah
by spaceatl on 2011-06-09 11:02:02.7700

I am not a fan of outboard wah pedals anymore...More than enough models for me in the POD and there are a lot of benefits to using a digital wah model...No pots to wear out, signal impedance stays in check and less to carry around...

But if I were to throw wah pedal in the mix I would stick in the loop right after the noise gate if I had one in the chain...otherwise it would be first...and like the helpful chap that with the send and return levels and make sure it's serial...100% mix...

Re: Advice needed: POD HD500 and Vox Big Bad Wah
by yureetchong on 2011-06-09 11:39:08.8720

Thanks gregr for the reply!! Yes. I follow your tips and playing with different compensation on the return level yield better result.  I will continue to tweak around on the fx loop. Thanks again!

Re: Advice needed: POD HD500 and Vox Big Bad Wah
by yureetchong on 2011-06-09 11:47:41.8700

Thanks spaceatl on the advice!  So you think that analog outboard Wah pedal is hard to match with the digital processor And the integrated Wah is better design to match with it? Since I got the Wah and no plan to give up. I will try the fx loop setting again.  Anyone please let me know if there is best known method to optimize the analog Wah with pod hd. Thanks

Re: Advice needed: POD HD500 and Vox Big Bad Wah
by spaceatl on 2011-06-09 12:21:18.9530

Oh, I guess I can see how it would be if you had a tone sucker like an original crybaby...I have always preferred the Vox type wah myself as they always seemed to hold up better than a crybaby...But in the end just for me, the end result isn't worth the hassle...But that is just me...I can totally understand a player wanting a particular pedal of any kind...It might be the tone, the feel of the pedal, the button or maybe the reality is that it's just an audio placebo that doesn't make any real difference other than it makes the player feel better...That's important...

In terms of gain matching...try to get the level with the loop engaged in the spot you want in the chain to exactly match with loop disengaged...that's about all I can think you can really do to...You could put it out front which is a typical approach...I wonder if this one is sucking tone out like a stock crybaby does...From what you describe, I am getting that impression...not sure...thinking out loud is all...

I am just taking a guess, but I wonder if you like the feel of the pedal under your foot? if so, something you could think about would be modifying your wah pedal to work as an expression pedal...just a thought...You can use the digital wah models in the HD and have the feel of the real pedal...just thinking out loud...

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