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Thread worn on carry handle screws!
by andy1717 on 2011-06-09 11:02:34.5030

Has anyone had the screws that hold the top carry strap on just go on them? I have a Spider III 120Watt amp and when I picked it up the screw just popped out the one side. My friend has the 75Watt Spider III and while carrying the amp the one thread just went and the amp dropped. I also know of a guy in a band who has the 150Watt Spider III and the rubber strap just snapped!

Now if I made an amp that had a carry strap on top. I'd make sure that strap could take the weight. This is THREE different sizes and amps from Line 6 that have faulty straps. So is this a common problem or just 3 unlucky people that got the 'friday batch'. Anyone shed some light on this? I really don't expect to pay for any design flaws in anything I buy. This is really annoying that I now have to bear hug my amp to move it.



Re: Thread worn on carry handle screws!
by deadtolife on 2011-08-28 02:30:21.0170

Hey man i know this post is from 2007 but what did you do in the end? Cos mine just went too... exact same model too

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