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HD 500: It's impossible to use ONLY Cab and mic emulations?
by martirap on 2011-06-16 14:01:31.1700

Hi everyone!

I'm so surprised......

I think it's impossible to use ONLY Cab and mic emulations with my HD500... like I usually do for ex with Guitar Rig etc...


No one have this need????

I whant to use my tube Marshall Head pre for some patch but continue using direct outputs in PA.....

I put guitar in HD 500 input - go out in HD500 send - input of my head - line output of my head - return in HD 500...

Maybe I can use the "flattest HD500 pre" someone have any suggestion???


RE: HD 500: It's impossible to use ONLY Cab and mic emulations?
by Line6Don on 2011-06-21 15:34:29.0370

Hey martirap,

Unfortunately you can not use only the cab or mic models, because they are attached to the amp models are not able to be used on their own.

However that is a great idea, and appreciate your concern and feedback.

I would appreciate if you could please fill out our Product feedback form and let them know about your suggestions by following the link below:

I would suggest trying to use either the BF 'lux nrm pre, or the BF double nrm pre. Those should be the cleanest pre's available.

Re: RE: HD 500: It's impossible to use ONLY Cab and mic emulations?
by gregr on 2011-06-21 16:24:15.8800

Clean perhaps, but definitely not flat.  Running two preamps generally gives bad results.  In fact, I would recommend the Dr. Z preamp instead.  I believe it will do a better job.

Don is right though, it makes more sense to submit a request.  I will make a similar request as well and ask that you consider duplicating my request that footswitches be given the ability to toggle multipe effect parameters in addition to enabling/disabling multiple effects blocks and send MIDI commands; all simultaneously.

When I say similar request, I will ask for the ablility to split preamp, poweramp and cabinet/mic emulation so that effects can run in between any of the three, as well as mix and match preamps and poweramps.  I think I've finally dialed in a pretty realistic Mesa Mark Series type of tone and this enhanced flexibility will allow people to record without having to use an outboard emulator.  If I were to run direct, I would need to use my DigiTech RP1000, which does allow one to use a cab emulator without an amplifier model.

Re: RE: HD 500: It's impossible to use ONLY Cab and mic emulations?
by martirap on 2011-06-22 03:47:16.1110

Thanks a lot for your reply.

Before reading your answer, I tried with the BF Double nrm, drive 0% - B M T 50% - Vol 100%...

My Marshall 6100 head sound good and close to the original with my 4x12 1960B real cab....

I use 412 Brit T-75 and mic 57 off xs and put all in my PA (SR Technology).

I compare it with my guitar tracks recorded in a professional studio with my band....

I also add an eq after the amp simulation, but for the moment I cant find the right frequencies to achieve perfection...

Honestly HD500 equalizers are not so good....

I do not know if BF Double nrm is the more clean or flat pre, but I think that's what makes it sound better with Marshall Head and get the sound closer to the original.

The result is
however not perfect, but very good.

With Dr. Z preamp I did not get a better result.

Surely offer the possibility to use only mic and cab simulations can give a great flexibility in the creation of hybrid setup...

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