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$299 to stop it working
by digitaldog on 2011-06-22 17:07:52.3680

I had the demo and it was amazing, thought to myself I am using this in productions I will buy it, I have now spent 4 hours unistalling an reinstalling trying to just get what I had for free, there are now no presets, and only some of the amps work, or you change the amp but the sound is the last amp chosen and only some dials work, what can I do, I am so pissed off they would realease this and charge for it!!!!!!! help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Re: $299 to stop it working
by skyjacker on 2011-06-22 18:08:09.1530

Hi Digitaldog, massive problems with the 2.5 update as i'm sure you know by now. Just wish Line6 would

stop promoting this as it's clearly not working whatsoever. I know you tried uninstalling it all, but make sure "Everything" is gone

folders too, even registry entries if your able to. Once your sure you have, download the stable 2.02 version.

I would trawl the threads about 2.5 here is a good place and a big thread about it.

Really hope this helps you.
One word though, are you a mac user or windows?

Re: $299 to stop it working
by digitaldog on 2011-06-22 18:22:58.4630

Cheers, I am on a mac 10.6.7 quad-core intel.

I have tried deleting everything including component, vst files etc... then tried installing 2.02 and it said AU plugin cannot be found. Really annoyed with them over this, it has crash my DAW 26 times. Cannot save anything... nightmare.

Where are the registry files, though, unsure if I did that or not...



Re: $299 to stop it working
by TheRealZap on 2011-06-22 18:46:20.6570

try these options:

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