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XD-V70L question and thank you!
by Zonix on 2011-06-23 01:17:32.1390

We are a small amateur theatre group. We just bought our first XD-V70L and were suprised how good the unit is concideríng the price. So thank you LIne6, we will surely be collecting the whole series of 12 in the future as our AKG's will be obsolete when the current frequencies are lost to "other parties". So far our only Line6 unit has worked well for theatre outdoors, only negative point is that the lavalier mic seems to be little "allergic" to wind, but well just need to put extra foam around the capsule, the windshield supplied with unit is not enough.

Ok, technical questions here:

1.Is it safe to connect an AKG lavalier mic to replace the original Line6 mic if temporarily needed? We do not want to damage the mic or the transmitter! The connector seems to be the same. I understand that you cannot say if it will work, but is it technically safe to try?

2.If we need to use the Line6 lavalier mic during a (small) rain shower will it damage the mic?


Re: XD-V70L question and thank you!
by dboomer on 2011-06-23 08:49:16.7570

Most third party lav mics would be acceptable.  Take a look at our FAQ on the "documents" page.

The mics are not intended to be used where they can get wet.  You can try covering them with a single layer of food plactic wrap.  You'll likely have to adjust you'll EQ a bit.

Re: XD-V70L question and thank you!
by Zonix on 2011-06-23 09:50:10.4500

Thank you!!

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