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Verbzilla - Green Light, No Sound
by scottkerr87 on 2011-06-24 02:39:53.1380


I got my Verbzilla at Christmas and hadn't used it for a few months. When i plugged it back the green light was on but i got no sound at all. I've tried new leads and various other things to no avail. Being in Europe (UK) there is limited support beyond calling the Europe office which is often busy. Any idea what is wrong with it?



Re: RE: Verbzilla - Green Light, No Sound
by darealagentp on 2011-06-24 08:42:55.3680

Sorry... no idea (yet) as to what is wrong without having the unit in physical possession to test.

It's either going to be the module or the dock. One thing you can try is this:

Unscrew the 2 hex bolts on the side of the "dock" (pedal portion). Once those bolts are out, you can gently depress the circular black release tab below. This should allow you to remove the "module" (the effect algorithm) portion of the pedal.

Double-check the pins for corrosion (you'll see what I mean when the module is out) on both the module and the contact points on the dock. Re-seat and test again.

If there's a Line 6 dealer nearby, perhaps they will be kind enough to allow you to bring your pedal in and test your module in one of their docks. Docks and modules are available as separate products; here in the States, we'd direct users to the nearest Guitar Center (big music store retail chain) and have them test their module with a store stock dock and also their dock with a store stock module.

Typically within 5-10 minutes, identification of which part is bad can be ascertained.

Regardless, in the UK your pedal should still be under warranty if it was purchased new last Christmas. What I can do for you here is close this thread and assign your inquiry as an "open" Support Ticket to one of the Line 6 UK Service Team members for them to help you locally:

RE: Verbzilla - Green Light, No Sound
by Line6ChrisN on 2011-07-04 00:58:35.1610

Contacted the user direct.

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