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Volume disappears COMPLETELY when I engage my DL-4?
by gortmuaddib on 2011-06-24 17:06:16.7380

When the pedal is in my signal chain but bypassed, I get the sound from my guitar to my amp to my ears. When I engage the dl-4 (by stomping on ANY of the fooswitches), it's like clicking on a killswitch. The leds light up accordingly to which switch I engage and the tempo light works appropriately (even changing when I adjust the delay time knob by hand). It works just fine except not a single dB squeezes past. I have tried both battery and adapter power with the same result. I have tried resetting the pedal by holdin down 1 and 4 while plugging into the input. I have even gone so far as to carefully remove and put back the eprom chip after reading that it could work as a reset, but still the same deal.

RE: Volume disappears COMPLETELY when I engage my DL-4?
by Line6Don on 2011-06-28 17:00:09.7370

Hey gortmuaddib,

Make sure that if you are running mono connections that you are connecting the guitar input into the Left Mono input, and running the output from the Left Mono output. If you have made sure to make these connections are not receiving any sort of output, it could be a hardware problem with the DL4.

I would not advises opening up the DL4 and adjusting any of the circuit boards yourself. I would recommend you have a Line 6 Service Center assess the unit for repair. To locate a Line 6 Service Center in your area please follow the link below:

Re: RE: Volume disappears COMPLETELY when I engage my DL-4?
by gortmuaddib on 2011-07-06 20:17:51.2140

I was kinda hoping that you would have a little more technical info for me such as what voltage should be pumping through certain capacitors or point me in the direction of a fellow community member that could help me out. I understand that Line6 wants to keep the revenue flowing to their "licensed repair centers", but I'm not gonna drive 3 hours or mail off a pedal pushing the decade mark and pay bench fees and repair costs when I could just get a new pedal. Thanks for taking the time to read my question, though, but I'm disappointed to say that it is certainly NOT answered.

Re: RE: Volume disappears COMPLETELY when I engage my DL-4?
by darealagentp on 2011-07-07 11:38:02.4400

Hi there... we as moderators of the Forums are not actually repair technicians, so our knowledge of component-level repair is not extensive. (If we had that knowledge, we'd probably be fixing gear and not answering threads on the Forums...). What we do is provide some basic troubleshooting suggestions; if the issue points to hardware related failure, our recourse is to direct users to the nearest repair tech for on site diagnosis of the particular unit.

When runtime issues like the one you're experiencing (no output when you activate a Preset), this points to DSP component related failure. In a scenario like this, the only fix is to replace the entire mainboard most likely. It's rare that a tech will do a specific component replacement (time/cost).

I understand your position too, the cost of repair could outweight the cost of a new or used one on eBay. But in regards to servicing your existing pedal, we typically have switches and mainboards as serviceable parts. Customers can always purchase replacement parts through our Authorized Service Centers (ASC), since we don't do direct sales. They can sell you a mainboard and if you or someone who is a tech you know of can do the work, that might be an option. Sorry to hear that your unit is having issues. DL4's are one of my faves.

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