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Activate Riffworks
by ronlem on 2011-06-25 12:09:05.0640

Hi there,

I bought my Guitarport + Riffworks a long time ago..After a while I also upgraded to Riffworks 2 Line 6 Edition..

Recently, I bought a new PC with Windows 7 on it..

I already thought that I'd need new drivers that I could easily install with the monkey.

My guitarport is connected, but my Riffworks isn't recognised. I can start up the program, but it asks for an Activation Code wich I can't find anywhere..

Also my software isn't mentioned by the monkey..

I already read some fora, but nobody really says what to do next..

It can't be that hard to get this thing working uh?

Is buying the new Riffworks Standard the only solution?

Hope someone can help me out here, thx

Re: Activate Riffworks
by silverhead on 2011-06-25 12:51:31.9380

You can get Riffworks T4 edition for free, or a great discount on the Standard edition.

Re: Activate Riffworks
by ronlem on 2011-06-26 11:06:27.6300

Ok thx, and is it normal that my Guitarport doesn't work because I have to upgrade Riffworks?

Guitarport is totally updated with the Monkey, but it says 'Error Communicating with server, check USB/Internet' in the startscreen.


RE: Activate Riffworks
by laplayantonio on 2011-06-29 03:09:26.4620


Riffworks 2 Line6 Edition is not Win7-compatible

you need upgrading to Riffworks Standard to be able to run it in your Win7 PC

see the special offer and instructions for Line6 crossgraders in


Re: RE: Activate Riffworks
by eddyr on 2011-10-26 09:36:48.8250

Hey guys!

I have exactly the same problem. Riffworks Line 6 edition runs absolutely fine under Windows 7, but remains in "Demo mode". I don't want T4 since it only gives you 4 tracks per riff, which is way too few, and actually worse than the Line 6 version. I don't want to upgrade either since I'm supposed to have the Line 6 version anyway (that's what I paid for), which was just fine for me.

So how do you make the Monkey recognise that you actually have RiffWorks? Would it list it if I installed an older version of Line 6 Monkey? Is there another way to activate RiffWorks?

Kind regards,


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