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The Church "Starfish" guitar tones--any ideas?
by mmasse on 2011-06-26 21:34:17.4550

Didn't see any Church presets on CustomTone yet.  Some of my favorite guitar sounds ever are on the "Starfish" album.  "Lost", "Hotel Womb", "Destination", "Reptile", and of course, "Under the Milky Way".  I have no idea what kind of guitars or amps were used in recording it.  If you're familiar with it, I'd love to hear some suggestions for creating some "Churchy" presets. I've got a POD HD500.    I also have a JTV-59, so I'd be interested in suggestions for what models would be best suited for emulating those sounds.


Re: The Church "Starfish" guitar tones--any ideas?
by eenymason on 2011-06-27 02:24:02.5600

This may be handy for starters, and then experimentation - I knew they used Fenders amd Rickenbackers through Voxes, but the amount of gear listed on this page is very interesting! As it looks like they use more than one amp each on stage, I reckon there would have been a lot of "dual tones" on their albums!

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