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Pod HD500 stuck on a preset and rebooting itself -- collecting info
by tommasi on 2011-06-27 01:26:06.0900

Hi; last night I stumbled across this problem at rehearsal. I've seen this mentioned a number of times on the forum. As I was tweaking a patch, the unit emitted a "click" sound and rebooted itself. After the reboot, there was no sound, and I could not change patch. After a few seconds, it rebooted again (and again and again).

Being a diligent forum user, I remembered seeing this on the forum. Looking the problem up I found a couple of threads, and I tried the following:

  1. started the unit in safe mode and reflashed the firmware. The procedure worked, but as I chose not to overwrite the presets (at rehearsal I had modified plenty of presets, and HD Edit refused to dump the crippled machine's bundle), the unit restarted where I left it, and kept showing the same behavior. No joy here.
  2. Following Nick's advice, I chose to reset the factory defaults (keep the left pad pressed while connecting the power plug). This moved me to default patch 1A. As I moved to the "bad" patch, the unit was stuck again.
  3. Tried #2 again, but this time I connected HD edit before moving away from 1A. I was able to delete the bad patch from the setlist without loading it to the pod, and apparently everything now works again.

This whole experience has left me a bit concerned. There's 2 things I'd like to know:

  1. what are the chances that the problem will show up again. At rehearsal I was heavily messing with the patch that eventually went bad. If an edit (on the unit itself) session can result in a corrupt patch causing the issue (my experience seems to indicate this), I can live with this, though the issue should be definitely looked into, as in normal performance mode I am not likely to change a patch all that much. If the problem is otherwise intermittent, I'd like to be reassured that I can take the unit on my scheduled summer "tour" without risking accidents like this during a gig.
  2. Is there an "official" way of dealing with this? I expect reflashing OVERWRITING the presets would suffice?

Needless to say, I'd like to hear something about this -- should the unit be sent in for service under warranty (however, there is no mulfunctioning at the moment, and even if there was, what keeps the service from reflashing the unit, see that it works again, and send it back?), or what? I will carry a netbook with me, handy to perform emergency reflash, but the chance of doing that during an actual performance are slim, and I wouldn't really want to.

Last night I was rehearsing for a musical where my band provides live music, and a problem like this during a performance would be disrupting to say the least...

RE: Pod HD500 stuck on a preset and rebooting itself -- collecting info
by Line6david on 2011-06-30 16:48:30.7980


I can tell you that if the HD500 is able to be snapped out of that state it generally does not occur again.

However if the unit acts strange in any way I would suggest a trip to the service center:



Line 6 Customer Support

Re: RE: Pod HD500 stuck on a preset and rebooting itself -- collecting info
by tommasi on 2011-06-30 23:50:30.8070

Thank you for your answer. Am I right in assuming that, given yours and other L6 staff answers on the same topic, this is an acknowledged issue, though it appears to show up non-deterministically?

Re: Pod HD500 stuck on a preset and rebooting itself -- collecting info
by Nick_Mattocks on 2011-07-01 01:01:33.1960

I think overwriting the existing presets when performing a flash memory update is the official way to resolve a problem like the one you experienced. 

If you do as I do and keep a local copy of your presets on your computer as you create them, you can recover your set lists manually minus the faulty preset of course, but at a gig, you would need to have the means to reflash the unit and recover your presets with you which would mean taking a laptop or netbook out with you which might not be ideal or convenient.

As David says, once a rogue preset has been eradicated and maybe rebuit from scratch, the same problem is unlikley to return.  It's difficult obviously to determine exactly what conditions are present in a specific preset to cause the type of behaviour you saw, and the same preset in a different preset location may not result in the same behaviour although exactly why that would be is not possible for me to explain either.  Rebuilding a troublesome preset from scratch with exactly the same settings has been known to resolve this kind of issue too.

It would be good to try and collect a bit of data when this happens to try and determine any common ground between presets that seem to get stuck in a loop like this, and I'm sure Line 6 will have thought about this too.  It would be like looking for a needle in a haystack at best, and even then it would probably be largely inconclusive.  Data corruption can arise for lots of different reasons and that would further muddy the water in trying to determine exactly what happened - a bit of noise on the power supply line at the exact moment a preset is saved to memory might even cause weirdness like this at an outside guess.


Re: Pod HD500 stuck on a preset and rebooting itself -- collecting info
by tommasi on 2011-07-01 01:43:08.2680

hi Nick -- I agree with you. When this happened to me, it felt like a "glitch" rather than something that would show up systematically with the same conditions. I'm not sure if this is reassuring, however that's how it felt. For what it's worth, here are some of the conditions in place when this happened to me.

  1. I was using the pod at rehearsal, I had just: power, guitar in, left 1/4" out and an external Mission Engineering exp pedal connected.
  2. I was setting up a dual amp patch. I was tring to move one of the amp models about (of course you can't in a dual amp configuration, but as I was fumbling through the patch, that's what I was doing)
  3. The patch I was trying to set up was a dual patch in which the amp models where exclusively selected by a footswitch, so that I could go from a distorted to a clean sound by pressing a footswitch. I use the FS5-8 configuration, so changing patch is not as immediate to me as activating/deactivating fx blocks. I has fs4 switch from one amp model to the other. Don't remember the amp models -- one was probably a twin, the other a treadplate I think, full version of both.
  4. apart from that I had a screamer in front of the treadplate and a room reverb
  5. I was in studio/direct mode

I usually edit tones on the unit itself, because I find that rehearsal is the only time when I can adjust them appropriately. As I do not really want to carry around a pc, I do this on the unit, and typically back up my bundle from time to time at home. I do not remember exactly how I was able to delete a patch from a bundle -- I was sort of panicky at the moment and wasn't really thinking straight. I think I did this:

  • started the unit after a factory reset, so I'm on 1A factory preset
  • dumped the bundle, including the bad patch
  • opened the bundle in edit
  • dragged the bad bundle about in the preset list without loading it
  • saved the bundle

The bad preset had by this time reverted to a default preset (can't really imagine why), so I could dump the bundle back to the pod and the bad patch was eradicated and replaced by seemingly one of the factory presets.

If I understand correctly, you are suggesting a more straightforward course of action: assuming the bundle is dumped, you reflash the pod overwriting all patches, and then manually put back the original patches one by one except for the bad patch, am I correct?

Re: Pod HD500 stuck on a preset and rebooting itself -- collecting info
by Nick_Mattocks on 2011-07-01 02:41:07.1680

I adopt a belt and braces approach

I always save my presets individually because it's easier to just pull an idividual preset back in whilst the HD500 is connected rather than having to re-import a bundle and extract what I want with the HD500 off-line.

Before performing any flash memory update I back up my four custom set lists individually as they stand at that time - this way I get the benfits of any changes that have been made to the factory presets (sometimes happens) but i get to keep my set lists intact, so I simply flash without keeping my old presets and then reload the four custom set lists when the flash update is complete.

I wouldn't normally choose to rebuild all my set lists by loading individual presets back into the HD500 one by one as that would simply be way too tedious - set lists is good for me and only requires me to load four things and send them to the HD500 rather than loading 256 separate presets   But of course I do have the option of adopting a granular approach if I need to as I have all the individual presets available.

Under the circumstances. you did exactly what I would have done in your shoes to get yourself out of a hole

So to summarise, I would suggest backing up your 4 custom set lists, flashing the HD500 and overwriting the existing presets, then restoring the 4 custom set lists.


Re: Pod HD500 stuck on a preset and rebooting itself -- collecting info
by tommasi on 2011-07-01 03:06:15.7590

yeah, you're right, I need to start using HD Edit more. It's just that I use Linux on my computers, so I need to have a special one set up for using edit. Also I need to better organize my patched in setlists rather than lazy-it-out as I always do moving whole bundles.


Re: Pod HD500 stuck on a preset and rebooting itself -- collecting info
by Nick_Mattocks on 2011-07-01 04:36:27.2480

Ha ha.  No worries.   I'm not a big Linux user.  I find the librarian functionality of HD500 Edit really useful.  I'm equally at home editing on the unit as I am in HD500 Edit, but the Editor does make it much easier because you can pretty much see everything all at once, but yes - I hear you - Ithink we're all subject to being a little lazy sometimes.  It's not a big problem for you though as you had at least saved your current bundle and you were able to edit out the duff patch off-line before throwing it back on to the HD500, so given that you were probably running firmware 1.31 already when you created the bundle and you re-flashed to 1.31 the default factory presets would have been the same anyway.

Re: Pod HD500 stuck on a preset and rebooting itself -- collecting info
by zappainnewyork on 2011-10-28 16:55:35.5040

I had exact same thing happen while attempting the duel amp setup.

I Moved the amp then something struck me as weird as it seemed I couldn't actually choose the amp type as the buttons pretty much just let me move amp out then back in to one from duel to single.

I had never done a duel setup before but was pretty sure that was not suppose to happen that way. I was in process of giving up and placing the duel amp set back to single when the screen blanked out and the exact same thing as mentioned happened to me.

The single amp was a Divided by 13 and it was a brand new user tone with only the amp currently set with no effects. I've only been using it a few days and am more or less just playing with the tones, seeing what setup works best and practicing the various basic options before I dive in a work on setting up some real working patches for gigs etc.

I used the advice I found here and reset it and that as seemed to fix the problem so I hope as well that it isn't a common problem. It does seem that it is caused by editing and not something that may just opo in out of the blue in the middle of a gig (unless of course your editing). Furthermore it may be linked to the duel amp setup as that to was what I was doing when it happened. Not that glitches are anthing to get all happy over it would at least be more reassuring to know that it is only something that happens while tweeking duel amp sets. However I ca't say 100% that this is the case.

Anyway I am glad someone asked the question and someone had the correct response cause I had the box already to pack and send back cause I had expelled all my safe options.


Re: Pod HD500 stuck on a preset and rebooting itself -- collecting info
by zappainnewyork on 2011-10-28 17:01:26.6210

To also add

I was in ABCD mode going from line set on pod to tech 21 PE

I was input as small combo power amp

It seems the only real common factor was the DUEL AMP SETUP

Re: Pod HD500 stuck on a preset and rebooting itself -- collecting info
by kevinbutler2000 on 2012-01-07 17:18:16.1280

I have the same issue, but it came when trying to upgrade to 1.4 firmware. The memory flash kept failing and it wouldn't update. Eventually it wouldn't be recognized by the computer and I noticed it just kept restarting. Anyone have ideas how to fix this if I can't even connect it to the computer reflash? Should I try to delete or update the defult patch that it's stuck on? In my few attempts to do things I haven't been able to make adjustments to the patch. I'm desperate for some help!

Re: Pod HD500 stuck on a preset and rebooting itself -- collecting info
by BulldogXTRM on 2012-01-08 15:57:45.7710

Mine was caught in a reboot loop and I was able to get it out of the reboot loot by powering up and holding the left keypad. If that doesn't work do the same thing except hold the down keypad. This will bring it into update flash mode and then reflash the unit.

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