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POD Studio UX2 or POD XT Live?
by umairnadeem on 2011-06-28 12:56:26.7040

Hello friends!

i have a question i'd like to ask you.

i want to record an album by building a home studio which can record very professional quality metal guitars.

i am stuck between the products: pod studio ux2 and pod xt live?

i have a line 6 spider iv 30 watt amp, and maybe i think i could even mic my amp with a shure sm57 to get the tone? but what do you think will be a better choice for me in recording? i mean what will give the better recording quality and what would make a much better quality audio recording interface: ux2 or xt live?

please reply! i really need help on this!


Re: POD Studio UX2 or POD XT Live?
by grahamra on 2011-06-29 04:50:52.9290

I have both units.  No question, go with UX2 and pod farm.  With ux2 you can record guitar with zero latency in pod farm a few ways. My favorite:

Open you DAW ( I have Cubase)

Go to inserts and open Pod Farm as plug in, pick your amps, effects, save the preset and name it..

Set pod farm inputs to dry

Turn off DAW monitor for that channel

Now go to start and open podfarm as a program (not plug in), You are now running what they call ToneDirect.

reset podfarm sound by choosing you newly named preset.

Start recording, you are now listening to tonedirect,but recording dry to daw.

when done recording, go back in to insert.  you can turn it back on and change any setting on podfarm, using your dry signal to run it. Dial in your metal sound to  your hearts content, add in effects, change amps , whatever.   Go into automation write and change sounds real time. It's great!

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