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Independently using Pod Farm
by eddyr on 2011-07-01 04:22:16.3300

Hey everyone!

For years I've been using my GuitarPort, I totally love it. I route all sorts of things through my GuitarPort (pianos, synths), however, this usually requires some messing with cables and working two audio cards simultaneously, so it's a bit cumbersome. What's more, I can't tweak the sound to my wishes after.

Since I also wanted a better audio interface, a Pod Studio with included Pod Farm sounded perfect. In fact, I was on the verge of purchasing a UX 2, but on some forums I read some things that made me halt in my tracks.

I also love to be able to work on my music wherever I go, and as I nearly always have my laptop with me, I can. But I read that for PodFarm to work, you have to have your PodStudio attached. Is this true? That would mean I'd have to drag that around everywhere too!

If it is so, is there a workaround somehow? A fix via the license manager maybe? The only solution I see is having to bounce my tracks all the time when I do have the UX 2 at hand, which makes the included Pod Farm useless as a plug in for your DAW -  it would spare me the cable issue, but give lots of bouncing in return.

How do others cope with this? Could my GuitarPort be part of the solution maybe? Thanks for the help!

Re: Independently using Pod Farm
by TheRealZap on 2011-07-01 06:01:10.1400

yes you'd need to have the device attached to use the included license...

you could buy a pod farm upgrade license for another device on your account and then you'd be able to use it without the device attached...

after you used the license manager and authorized it...

the new license manager is designed to give you access to your paid addons across all your line6 gear...

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