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PODX3 and PODFARM Plug in 1.12 does not work
by dekits on 2011-07-03 12:48:00.0380


I own a podx3 and before PodFarm 1 worked normally on my system. I use it as plug in in pro tools 7.4 in windows xp and never had any trouble running it

after formating my unit, I reinstalled all my audio software and hardware. Pod X3 has been detected by monkey, all the drivers have been installed, butwhen I launch PF Plug in I get the msg saying that no authorized device was found so the audio won t be processed.

I´ve reinstalled it, rebooted it, did everything I could but the plug in does not work at all

Help me please

I m using podfarm 1.12 now as it s the avaliable download from monkey

Re: PODX3 and PODFARM Plug in 1.12 does not work
by fledisma on 2011-07-04 09:52:01.1020

Hi dekits,

It's been a while since I used POD Farm 1 as plugin.  It seems that it is not authorized yet.  You probably need to open Line6 Monkey software and authorize POD Farm 1 to use with your X3.  Hope this helps!


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