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Adjusting sounds to the room, question
by Tombolino on 2011-07-04 06:21:23.9520

Hello friends,

Wanting to know your tips and tricks to helping me with my recurring drama/nightmare of tweaking the crap out of my X3 in different rooms I play.

Some notes about my setup:

-Sometimes I use 2 amps (for stereo or bigger sound)

-I use different patches on the X3 (as opposed to staying on 1 or 2 patches)

A. I wonder if some of you hook up one of those external EQ pedals as a master EQ to the X3?

B. What can I do when I tweak at home to minimize on the spot tweaking at gig?

C. What are some tips to hear what the audience hears? I often am not sure if Im too loud or too low...

I never really put amps on a chair/elevate them... wonder if I should....?


Re: Adjusting sounds to the room, question
by Tombolino on 2011-07-05 09:25:03.6800


Re: Adjusting sounds to the room, question
by pchapple on 2011-07-06 01:34:20.1990

This question just keep going round and round the forum

A) I have just bought an external EQ so I can tune the tone to the space - though haven't tried it yet... ...

B) Not a lot, other than try and use a decent sized room and play at, or near gig volume when you tune your sound.  It will inevitably sound duller when you return to practice volumes of course.  You can then tweak to the venue either on the POD, or external EQ (above).

C) This is very difficult without someone flying the desk of your PA.  In truth my preferred method now is X3L direct in to desk, then I use on stage monitors rather than a guitar amp(s).  If there is someone ont he desk, then you can be assured that the audience are hearing something loud enough and they can even cut some highs, etc. if necessary - as long as you trust them of course!!  I have my guitar slightly higher in my monitor mix than front of house, just so it makes it easier to hear what's going on with my playing.

Using guitar amp backline and no PA, it is impossible to know what the audience is hearing, without a friend in the audience pointing at you to turn up/down your volume  - especially once the drummer kicks in

I do find it useful when using an amp to elevate it, or at least angle it up slightly.

Re: Adjusting sounds to the room, question
by Tombolino on 2011-08-24 06:03:28.6260

thank you!

Re: Adjusting sounds to the room, question
by gunpointmetal on 2011-08-24 10:50:08.4780

another i find getting the amp off the floor does is give a tighter low end. some people feel they lose lows when the amps not on the floor, but in my experience that has more to do with coupling than the actual frequencies the amp is putting out. All of the previous suggestions appear spot on.

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