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Spider IV HD150
by mikkileigh on 2011-07-07 10:58:11.5910

I see the amp head has two speaker outputs, so I'm presuming a full stack (2, cabs 4 x 12" speakers) can be used.  Is this correct and is the output 150 watts to both cabs or is it 75 watts to each cab?  Thank you for your time.


Re: RE: Spider IV HD150
by darealagentp on 2011-07-07 16:00:57.8480

Our 150HD's are stereo output amps. This means that you have two (2) separate/independent 75-watt 8-ohm loads.

You need to always run both outputs with the 150HD's, otherwise if one output is not connected to an 8-ohm speaker load, transformer damage to that 75-watt output side will occur eventually.

Re: RE: Spider IV HD150
by rayneman on 2011-07-07 21:41:05.4010

What?  Are you serious? Nooooooooo!

So the new Spider IV HD 150 that arrived today I cannot simply use with my Marshall 1936 2x12 with 75 watt celestions at 8 ohms mono like I do with my Spider Valve HD100 (so, I got the IV HD 150 as a backup to the Spider Valve which intermittantly doesn't work)?

Why would one have to use an amp head in stereo?  Isn't that for preamps and separate power amps?!?

To quote the manual that came with the amp:

"Provides an 8 ohm load at each jack, wired in parallel, to give a 4 ohm if used simultaneously."

It says "IF" used simultaneously and nothing about damage to a transformer if only one tap is used.

Please clarify so I can return this thing during the 45 day policy if necessary.

I am bummed as I think this amp sounds pretty cool.

OR, can I run both outputs into each input of my 1936, which is a stereo OR mono cab.  This would be 2, 16 ohm loads I this should be since the amp will see more resistance and not less, right?!?!  My big Mesa 4x12 cabs have 4 input jacks (they are not at my home so I can't look at them)...but again, if I have to take any of those big guys, it defeats the purpose of the Spider IV as a means to creating a smaller, more compact all-in-one type rig for certain venues.

This is very confusing and I watched the videos about matching cabs to amps on this site.

Hopefully I misunderstood this since its late here, and my ranting and raving is for naught!

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Re: RE: Spider IV HD150
by x3live6648 on 2011-09-28 05:27:41.3920

No you cant run it mono....but there are some great stereo effects comming out from Line 6.  Keeping the effects on one side and dry on the other keeps from frequency loss and get a real great sound like the Roland Jazz Chorus 120...same 60 watt amps on chorused and delayed the other dry and its like magic the sound is insane even if you mic it still retains much clairity.  See my recent question...I asked the same thing!input.jspa?container=2012&containerType=14&markAsQuestion=1   I believe thats long as the cab has more ohms than the just loose a couple dbs but 37.5 watts stereo should be enough....I play a fairly large venue with a really loud band leader and I have been using 2 50 watt amps...that was more than enough...Now I am moving over to Spider IV.....I think Tube amps are dangerous to any one that doesnt bench press on a regular basis.

Re: RE: Spider IV HD150
by dan1072231 on 2012-08-24 06:42:20.4650

On the spider cabinet there is a 4 ohms for one side so cant you get 2 cabinets and in to the 2, 4 ohms inputs to make full stack

Re: RE: Spider IV HD150
by fflbrgst on 2012-08-24 09:48:34.5250

Running two sets of inputs in parallel with halve the impedance - giving you 2 ohms, which will overdrive the amp.  If you wire them up in series, you will get 8 ohms, which will be ok for the amp, but basically halve the power to each speaker, resulting in more-or-less the same volume overall.

Re: RE: Spider IV HD150
by dan1072231 on 2012-08-24 13:26:58.8790

srry but what do you mean parrallel an a series but i do understand the whole volume thing

Re: RE: Spider IV HD150
by fflbrgst on 2012-08-28 08:23:49.6990

If you have to ask, then you should not attempt to do this yourself, you could damage your amp.

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