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POD Farm 1.12 - Install Error
by BigBad on 2011-07-09 04:46:51.5130


In short, I am unable to get POD Farm 1.12 Platinum installed (it used to work fine).  - Running on Windows 7 64-bit.

I found that POD Farm was not recognizing the iLok key, and so attempted to reinstall from scratch (iLok is recognized by Win and iLok site).  This installation brought about a problem whereby it would skip installation of files and just create empty folders.  I thought that this could be as it was an older installation of Win 7 and so formatted and started from scratch.

Even on a clean install, however, it was again skipping the files.  The only way to get an installation that would actually have an openable file was to use the non-iLok install as well.  However, the tones folder is empty and they were still skipped.  If I install for iLok only it creates the folders but 'skips' actually putting any files into them making the whole program non-existent.

I have also tried changing the installation path (as per log below) but still have the same problem.

To summarize:

  • iLok and client software and drivers are correctly installed
  • Have installed as Administrator
  • Tried changing installation path
  • All folders created from installation are empty

If anyone could suggest how I could overcome this, it would be appreciated.  I love the software and was considering upgrading to v2 but really wonder if I want to have all of this trauma to get it working.

Thanks in advance,


Log generated from installation (edited to cut length down):

Output folder: C:\Users\Brettjb\AppData\Local\Temp

Removing legacy uninstallers.

Output folder: C:\Line6\POD Farm\VST\Line 6

Extract: POD Farm.dll

Output folder: C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\Digidesign\DAE\Plug-Ins\Line 6

Extract: PODFarm.dpm

Extract: PODFarm.dpm.rsr

Output folder: C:\ProgramData\Line 6\POD Farm\Help

Extract: PODFarm_Help.pdf

Output folder: C:\ProgramData\Line 6\POD Farm\res

Extract: Amp.imb

Extract: App.imb

Extract: FX.imb

Output folder: C:\ProgramData\Line 6\POD Farm\res

Extract: PODFarm.lang

Output folder: C:\ProgramData\Line 6\POD Farm\res

Output folder: C:\ProgramData\Line 6\POD Farm\Factory\Preset

Output folder: C:\ProgramData\Line 6\POD Farm\Factory\Preset\Bass

Extract: 1968 Groove.l6t

Extract: 4x15.l6t

Extract: 60's R&B.l6t

Extract: A&E.l6t

Extract: Advisory.l6t

Extract: Albert Hall.l6t


Extract: Tube Bass.l6t

Extract: Zero Roadie.l6t

Output folder: C:\ProgramData\Line 6\POD Farm\Factory\Preset\Guitar

Output folder: C:\ProgramData\Line 6\POD Farm\Factory\Preset\Guitar\Acoustic

Extract: Acoustic Folk Rock.l6t

Extract: Acoustic Guitar.l6t


Extract: Tiny Radio.l6t

Extract: Variax Acoustic.l6t

Extract: Warm My Fingerstyle.l6t

Output folder: C:\ProgramData\Line 6\POD Farm\Factory\Preset\Guitar\FX Heavy

Extract: 60's Sci-Fi.l6t

Extract: 60's Space.l6t


Extract: Wobble Wobble.l6t

Extract: X Spin.l6t

Extract: X.l6t

Output folder: C:\ProgramData\Line 6\POD Farm\Factory\Preset\Guitar\High Gain

Extract: 60's Stones Fuzz.l6t

Extract: 80's Metal Rhythm.l6t


Extract: Xp-32.l6t

Extract: Zen+Connor50.l6t

Extract: Zoo Stories.l6t

Output folder: C:\ProgramData\Line 6\POD Farm\Factory\Preset\Guitar\Low Gain

Extract: 50's Bop.l6t

Extract: 60's Blues Rock.l6t

Extract: 80's Clean.l6t

Extract: AM Radio.l6t


Extract: Warm Arch Top.l6t

Extract: Wishbook.l6t

Output folder: C:\ProgramData\Line 6\POD Farm\Factory\Preset\Guitar\Medium Gain

Extract: 60's Rotary Surf.l6t

Extract: 60's Session.l6t


Extract: Yeah Baby.l6t

Extract: Zen.l6t

Output folder: C:\ProgramData\Line 6\POD Farm\Factory\Preset\Other Instruments

Extract: Big Beat.l6t

Extract: Dirty Groove Drums.l6t


Extract: Rock Piano.l6t

Output folder: C:\ProgramData\Line 6\POD Farm\Factory\Preset\Songs

Extract: 2112 .l6t

Extract: 5160.l6t

Extract: After Midnight.l6t


Extract: You Really Got Me.l6t

Extract: You're Going To Lose That Girl.l6t

Output folder: C:\ProgramData\Line 6\POD Farm\Factory\Preset\Vocal

Extract: 80's Gang Vocal.l6t

Extract: 90's Alternative Vocal.l6t


Extract: Warm And Clean.l6t

Extract: Warm Vocal.l6t

Extract: Web Cast Voiceover.l6t

Output folder: C:\ProgramData\Line 6\POD Farm\Factory\Preset

Output folder: C:\Users\Brettjb\AppData\Local\Temp

Output folder: C:\Users\Brettjb\Documents\Line 6\Tones\POD Farm

Output folder: C:\Users\Brettjb\Documents\Line 6\Tones\POD Farm\Bass

Skipped: 1968 Groove.l6t

Skipped: 4x15.l6t

Skipped: 60's R&B.l6t


Skipped: Tube Bass.l6t

Skipped: Zero Roadie.l6t

Output folder: C:\Users\Brettjb\Documents\Line 6\Tones\POD Farm\Guitar

Output folder: C:\Users\Brettjb\Documents\Line 6\Tones\POD Farm\Guitar\Acoustic

Skipped: Acoustic Folk Rock.l6t

Skipped: Acoustic Guitar.l6t


Skipped: Variax Acoustic.l6t

Skipped: Warm My Fingerstyle.l6t

Output folder: C:\Users\Brettjb\Documents\Line 6\Tones\POD Farm\Guitar\FX Heavy

Skipped: 60's Sci-Fi.l6t

Skipped: 60's Space.l6t


Skipped: Wobble Wobble.l6t

Skipped: X Spin.l6t

Skipped: X.l6t

Output folder: C:\Users\Brettjb\Documents\Line 6\Tones\POD Farm\Guitar\High Gain

Skipped: 60's Stones Fuzz.l6t

Skipped: 80's Metal Rhythm.l6t


Skipped: Xp-32.l6t

Skipped: Zen+Connor50.l6t

Skipped: Zoo Stories.l6t

Output folder: C:\Users\Brettjb\Documents\Line 6\Tones\POD Farm\Guitar\Low Gain

Skipped: 50's Bop.l6t

Skipped: 60's Blues Rock.l6t


Skipped: Warm Arch Top.l6t

Skipped: Wishbook.l6t

Output folder: C:\Users\Brettjb\Documents\Line 6\Tones\POD Farm\Guitar\Medium Gain

Skipped: 60's Rotary Surf.l6t

Skipped: 60's Session.l6t


Skipped: Yeah Baby.l6t

Skipped: Zen.l6t

Output folder: C:\Users\Brettjb\Documents\Line 6\Tones\POD Farm\Other Instruments

Skipped: Big Beat.l6t

Skipped: Dirty Groove Drums.l6t


Skipped: Rock Piano.l6t

Output folder: C:\Users\Brettjb\Documents\Line 6\Tones\POD Farm\Songs

Skipped: 2112 .l6t

Skipped: 5160.l6t


Skipped: You Really Got Me.l6t

Skipped: You're Going To Lose That Girl.l6t

Output folder: C:\Users\Brettjb\Documents\Line 6\Tones\POD Farm\Vocal

Skipped: 80's Gang Vocal.l6t

Skipped: 90's Alternative Vocal.l6t


Skipped: Warm Vocal.l6t

Skipped: Web Cast Voiceover.l6t

Output folder: C:\Users\Brettjb\Documents\Line 6\Tones\POD Farm

Output folder: C:\ProgramData\Line 6\L6TWXY

Output folder: C:\ProgramData\Line 6\L6TWXY\data

Output folder: C:\ProgramData\Line 6\L6TWXY\data\res

Extract: BassPack.astwx

Extract: ClassicAmpsPack.astwx


Extract: ilxplt.astwx

Extract: ilxstd.astwx

Output folder: C:\ProgramData\Line 6\L6TWXY\data\tones

Extract: clean_guitar_tone.l6t

Extract: virtually_clean.l6t

Output folder: C:\ProgramData\Line 6\L6TWXY\data\twx

Extract: L6TWX.dll

Output folder: C:\ProgramData\Line 6\L6TWXY

Extract: L6TWXY.dll


RE: POD Farm 1.12 - Install Error
by Line6Don on 2011-07-13 09:23:49.2390

Hey BigBad,

You will need to make sure to uninstall all instances of POD Farm and Line 6 software from the computer:

-Completely uninstall all of the POD Farm files using the Line 6 Uninstaller within:

Programs/Line 6/Tools folder.

Next make sure that you have the most recent version of the Line 6 drivers and Monkey installed as well:

Windows Drivers

Line 6 Monkey 1.41:

The update to Line 6 Monkey will include an update to the License Manager as well. Download and install POD Farm 1.12 from the link below:

Install it but do not launch it yet.

Can you please then try using the updated License Manager software to de-authorize and re-authorize your computer as well as all of your Line 6 devices. Make sure to remove the information when prompted to, and then install again when prompted to, this will ensure that you reinstall all of your available Line 6 assets from your account into your device.

Try launching POD Farm 1.12 and let us know your results.

Although after review your account page, it appears as though your POD Farm 1 iLOK license was only a 15 day trial license that was started on 2009-12-24. So at this time your trial has since expired.

The information above may not be current, and you should direct questions to the current forum or review the manual.