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Addons Help - URGENT.
by southofheaven213 on 2011-07-09 18:51:57.2930


I've got a registered Line6 UX2. Will be getting a Line6 UX1 in around 3 days or so. I've been considering getting the Metal Pack for the UX2 for quite a while now and might be getting it soon. My main concert was the price difference between the UX1 and UX2. Now i was thinking, if i download the metal pack on the UX1 and then transfer it to the UX2, will it work fine? After that, could i download the Metal Pack on the UX1 once again? I think it doesn't make sense double the amount on a more expensive piece of hardware when the same job can get done for cheaper on cheaper hardware.

How would you recommend i go about this? Could someone help me out here please? I'm traveling to a different country in 4 days and need to wrap up all of this before I leave.


P.S. - on another note, I haven't used my UX2 in a while now and see that Podfarm has released a version 2.5. I'm currently running 2.0 and wanted to know if I get a free upgrade to 2.5. Thanks

Re: RE: Addons Help - URGENT.
by darealagentp on 2011-07-11 10:01:40.2720

Your POD Studio UX2 already has both a POD Farm Version 1 and Version 2 authorization that permanently lives in the chipset of your unit. You should be able to launch POD Farm 2.5 with this particular hardware device, provided it's been authorized in License Manager.

Model packs are tied to your account nowadays. So, let's say you have one computer with the Line 6 software installed onto it.

You'd only connect on Line 6 USB device to the computer at any given time. So, you could authorize the UX2 in License Manager to use the Metal Shop.

Then, disconnect the UX2. Connect the UX1 and run License Manager to authorize the UX1. At that point, the UX1 will access the Metal Shop models.

Disconnect UX1 and reconnect UX2. Relaunch POD Farm 2: access to Metal Shop models should still work since you've authorized the UX2 already. The common element here is that the license is tied to the purchaser's account. License Manager forces you to "log in" as you, so the authorization of a computer is linked to the purchasing account.

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