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Headphone recommendations?
by adamajah on 2011-07-12 18:39:17.7860

I plugged my semi-crappy closed back headphones into my POD HD 400 last night and it didn't sound too good.  Especially distortion.  After finding this in the FAQ (see below), I'm thinking they're the wrong impedance.

"Q: What is the acceptable headphone ohm rating for use with Line 6 products?

A: We recommend headphones rated between 150-600 ohm (pro or semi-pro level) studio headphones for the best results."

So, can anyone recommend some decent high ohm headphones (preferably on that aren't too $$$ (yeah right.. I know;))?



Re: Headphone recommendations?
by meambobbo on 2011-07-13 11:48:34.6480

i have sennheiser HD 280's and they sound pretty darn good.  They're a little tight on my head, but they definitely isolate outside noise.  The ones I have are a 64 ohm version, but there's a 300 ohm version.  They're a bit difficult to find though.

The impedance isn't necessarily what is causing the distortion.  Higher resistance means lower volumes.  Mine don't really distort until they are loud enough to make your ears bleed.  I'm sure the 300 ohm version would sound very similar but not be quite as loud.  I just keep the "master volume" knob on the pod hd down to about 50-60% when I'm using headphones.

If you need to have headphones and analog output occurring simultaneously, you'll want to get a high resistance set.  Otherwise, quality low resistance headphones should sound fine as long as you're not cranking the volume (and destroying your ears).

Re: Headphone recommendations?
by adamajah on 2011-07-13 12:14:25.4770

Thanks for the helpful reply meambobbo.

I'm using some ~$40 Sony swivel ear headphones (probably low end DJ grade) that are 32 Ohm I think and when I play any of my amp models with lots of gain/distortion (Cali Treadplate etc), it sounds kind of fizzy/trebley and weak through the headphones, rather than chunky and rich like through my tube amp.  I figure it's just because they are cheap headphones and am hoping some better ones will give me more sound fidelity and bass.  Since I know exactly jack-diddley about headphone specs I figured Ohms were related to fidelity... mee am dumb.    I'm not cranking the volume at all (I'm actually quite kind to my ear drums) and keep the master volume on the rear of my HD400 to about 40% at all times which is a very comfortable volume in my practice room and headphones.

Looks like I need to research headphone specs.

Those Sennheisers look nice.  Any other suggestions out there?


Re: Headphone recommendations?
by tatkovladko on 2011-07-13 13:42:42.2970

This will sound like "Hello I'm Mr. Obvious" but are you using the headphones with the OUTPUT SWITCH on the back of the unit in STUDIO mode?

Re: Headphone recommendations?
by adamajah on 2011-07-13 14:41:12.1190

Ya know, I'm actually not sure.  There's a good chance I'm not.  I'll have to go check later.

There's nothing too obvious to tell me right now, as I'm brand new to the Pod, and FX/modeling in general.   Just call me Captain Greenhorn for now. 

Re: Headphone recommendations?
by tatkovladko on 2011-07-13 14:45:15.5780

Hello Captain Greenhorn

At one point or another we've all been new in anything and everything.

My experience is personal, there's a switch on my Digitech which a lot of people forget to use. I have forgotten too

It's a crucial switch on modellers, and it's kinda inconspicuous, it should be much more prominent (same applies to Digitech).

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