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SpiderValve IV MIDI Wah On/Off
by mekajinn on 2011-07-21 14:12:05.9060


I've just bought and fcb1010 MIDI foot controller by Behringer in order to control my SV IV mkII head.

No problems sending MIDI CCs to control various aspects, including the expression pedals to control drive.

However, no matter what I cannot get the wah to work at all, even when using SV mkII Edit.  I have seen the same problem in many other posts but no solutions.  Basically my SV IV has a faulty wah effect as far as I can tell, because if you cannot turn it on with Line 6's own software I can only assume that it isn't working.

Spent 3 hours tonight wrestling with this, and the only answer I have found is that the SV IV mkII can have it's wah switched on and off, but only if you REALLY know MIDI System Exclusive.  Or you have a Line 6 pedal.

Please can someone let me know if this is actually impossible so I can stop wasting my time?


Re: SpiderValve IV MIDI Wah On/Off
by mekajinn on 2011-07-25 10:17:30.2040

can anyone tell me what the exact piece of sysex code required to switch the wah on/off on the SV MkII is please?

Re: SpiderValve IV MIDI Wah On/Off
by jws1982 on 2011-07-26 08:17:09.6810

Check out the MIDI Implementation Guide for the SV MKii.  It's under the "manuals" section.  I notice it doesn't list a CC for the Wah On/Off, but it does have one for Pitch Glide (CC 72).  Try that one and see what happens.  The guide has the SysEx info in it too.

Re: SpiderValve IV MIDI Wah On/Off
by mekajinn on 2011-08-01 13:57:45.4410

Hi jws

I've studied the implementation guide thoroughly.  It would appear that the wah on/off is triggered by a CmdProgData Patch Flag.  What is that?  I mean, I have no idea and in my time I have made a complete virtual control mixer for Yamaha XG modules in cubase... so I know what sysex is... but a CmdProgData Patch Flag?  How does that work?

I mean is it actually the case that Wah cannot be turned off and on via MIDI?  And if that is that case why?

I don't want to use an FBV pedal because Line 6 products are useless to me utilising patch changes to get different effects because of the rather amateurish 70ms delay or so between patches when switching.  70ms in a 3 piece = useless.

So I choose to try and get a programmable MIDI footswitch to add effects/boost/WAH etc. by sending CCs or sysex via an FCB1010.  And now it appears that the wah CANNOT be done via MIDI.  That is pretty poor really.

Can someone please explain these things to me?

Great sounding amp, best sound I've ever had... but all these things that SHOULD be simple, even programming stuff myself... but they aren't simple... they are annoyingly complex.

I am not even sure the wah works properly on my SV head... I try to use spider valve edit to preview to the wah, but it only ever switches it on for a split second and then it's off... as if it was switched by an unlatched switch.

Interestingly it sends out the sysex of F0 00 01 0C 12 08 63 00 00 09 00 00 01 F7.

When I use the sequencer to tell the SV this sysex message either nothing happens, or the split second situation occurs again.

I don't get this.  I could happily program this sysex command, which according to SV edit IS the wah on/off, yet it doesn't do anything to the amp.  It's almost as if there needs to be a 'toggle' command for the wah function.  Can anyone from Line 6 please answer this?  I am an apparently 'valued' customer and you've got a fair wad of my cash from purchases.  I don't think a simple and concise explanation of this is too much to ask for.


Re: SpiderValve IV MIDI Wah On/Off
by jws1982 on 2011-08-04 12:51:02.9030

You've got me.  Anyone from L6 want to comment on this? 

Re: SpiderValve IV MIDI Wah On/Off
by mekajinn on 2011-08-10 14:44:52.8050

yeah exactly... where is Line 6 support?  It has been several weeks now for a pretty straighhtforward question.

Do I really have to spam this board until I actually get the support I PAID FOR when I bought the amp?

Getting really quite bored of the whole scenario.  The volume pedal doesn't work properly... while the pedal moves it changes volume, and as soon as I stop moving the pedal it returns to the original volume level regardless of where i left the pedal.  Why?  What's the point in a volume pedal that does this?

So far since i bought the SpiderValve I have had to buy...

1. an FBV express - £20 - useless because of the 70ms+ silence switching between the persets on a SINGLE channel amp, sold as a  multi channel amp.

2. Boss DD3, Boss NS2 and Boss PSU - £190 - bought because the noise suppressor on the amp is NOT good enough, and I can't switch the delay on and off using a patch change because of point 1.

3. A Peak FCB2N programmable MIDI footswitch £90 - bought because I wanted to use boost as well as delay - impractical for footswitching in reality.

4. A Behringer FCB1010 plus uno chip £140 - bought because I wanted to do the delay/boost thing, and wanted to implement some wah meddling as well as possible volume control/delay stuff.

So in total an extra £440 on top of a £650 amp to try and get it to do the things it says it does but doesn't.

Anyone see why I am so ****** off?  anyone?

Line 6... I've been good enough to come to your support forums because you actually seem to offer no proper support, and state my case... EVERY time I have done this it is weeks or months before a Line 6 rep can be bothered to even deign an answer.  Please... I've spent wads of cash on this, and I want to know the answers to the fairly simple questions I have asked.  I shall reiterate.

What is the EXACT sysex message I send to switch the Wah on/off?  I don't want "find the cmdpatch progdocblipblingblip."  I want the EXACT message.  F0 00 01 0C 12 etc etc. ending in F7.  You MUST know what it is. 

Also, why not just make it a CC?  there are loads of unused ones.  I am most interested in your answer, because the only reason I can think of is to force ppl to buy Line 6 wah pedals and not a programmable MIDI footswitch like the FCB1010.

Why does the volume pedal behave like that?  no other MIDI signals are being sent telling it continuously to stay at vol 100... so why does it just jump back there when no more movement is detected on the footswitch?

and finally... why make something that sounds so good so difficult to actually control professionally?!   really?  why?  a 70ms gap is simply not good enough... an unknown command to switch wah on/off is simply not good enough... and worst of all... your customer support is simply not good enough.

simply not good enough.

Really disappointed, and getting angrier every day this is ignored.

Re: SpiderValve IV MIDI Wah On/Off
by spaceatl on 2011-08-10 17:12:55.1170

Not even sure why I bother with posts with crappy tone like this...But I guess all companies that try to make money are evil global warming dingbats...nuff said...

So here ya go...Seems a lot like a Flextone III...There's an FCB1010 file for that on Vettaville...Did you look at that? You actually have to do some things to the FCB1010 to make it work right...

Wah On

00104ED8   1  --     F0  Buffer:    14 Bytes   System Exclusive     
SYSX: F0 00 01 0C 12 06 63 00 02 10 00 00 02 F7
00104EDC   1  --     F0  Buffer:    14 Bytes   System Exclusive     
SYSX: F0 00 01 0C 12 06 63 00 00 09 00 00 01 F7

Wah Sweep Hi->Lo

00177276   1  --     B0    04    76    1  ---  CC: Foot Controller  
0017728A   1  --     B0    04    6D    1  ---  CC: Foot Controller  
0017729E   1  --     B0    04    65    1  ---  CC: Foot Controller  
00177317   1  --     B0    04    5F    1  ---  CC: Foot Controller  
00177318   1  --     B0    04    5C    1  ---  CC: Foot Controller  
00177319   1  --     B0    04    59    1  ---  CC: Foot Controller  
0017731A   1  --     B0    04    57    1  ---  CC: Foot Controller  
0017731B   1  --     B0    04    54    1  ---  CC: Foot Controller  
0017731C   1  --     B0    04    52    1  ---  CC: Foot Controller  
0017732A   1  --     B0    04    51    1  ---  CC: Foot Controller  
0017737A   1  --     B0    04    50    1  ---  CC: Foot Controller  
001773A2   1  --     B0    04    4F    1  ---  CC: Foot Controller  
001773B6   1  --     B0    04    4D    1  ---  CC: Foot Controller  
001773CA   1  --     B0    04    4B    1  ---  CC: Foot Controller  
001773DE   1  --     B0    04    48    1  ---  CC: Foot Controller  
001773F2   1  --     B0    04    46    1  ---  CC: Foot Controller  
00177406   1  --     B0    04    44    1  ---  CC: Foot Controller  
0017741A   1  --     B0    04    42    1  ---  CC: Foot Controller  
0017742E   1  --     B0    04    40    1  ---  CC: Foot Controller  
00177442   1  --     B0    04    3E    1  ---  CC: Foot Controller  
00177456   1  --     B0    04    3C    1  ---  CC: Foot Controller  
0017746A   1  --     B0    04    3B    1  ---  CC: Foot Controller  
001774A6   1  --     B0    04    3A    1  ---  CC: Foot Controller  
001774BA   1  --     B0    04    39    1  ---  CC: Foot Controller  
001774CE   1  --     B0    04    37    1  ---  CC: Foot Controller  
001774E2   1  --     B0    04    35    1  ---  CC: Foot Controller  
001774F6   1  --     B0    04    33    1  ---  CC: Foot Controller  
0017750A   1  --     B0    04    31    1  ---  CC: Foot Controller  
0017751E   1  --     B0    04    2F    1  ---  CC: Foot Controller  
00177532   1  --     B0    04    2D    1  ---  CC: Foot Controller  
00177546   1  --     B0    04    2B    1  ---  CC: Foot Controller  
0017755A   1  --     B0    04    29    1  ---  CC: Foot Controller  
0017756E   1  --     B0    04    28    1  ---  CC: Foot Controller  
00177582   1  --     B0    04    27    1  ---  CC: Foot Controller  
00177596   1  --     B0    04    26    1  ---  CC: Foot Controller  
001775AA   1  --     B0    04    25    1  ---  CC: Foot Controller  
001775E6   1  --     B0    04    24    1  ---  CC: Foot Controller  
001775FA   1  --     B0    04    23    1  ---  CC: Foot Controller  
0017760E   1  --     B0    04    22    1  ---  CC: Foot Controller  
00177622   1  --     B0    04    21    1  ---  CC: Foot Controller  
00177636   1  --     B0    04    1E    1  ---  CC: Foot Controller  
0017764A   1  --     B0    04    1D    1  ---  CC: Foot Controller  
0017765E   1  --     B0    04    1B    1  ---  CC: Foot Controller  
00177672   1  --     B0    04    18    1  ---  CC: Foot Controller  
00177686   1  --     B0    04    16    1  ---  CC: Foot Controller  
0017769A   1  --     B0    04    13    1  ---  CC: Foot Controller  
001776AE   1  --     B0    04    11    1  ---  CC: Foot Controller  
001776C2   1  --     B0    04    0F    1  ---  CC: Foot Controller  
001776D6   1  --     B0    04    0E    1  ---  CC: Foot Controller  
001776EA   1  --     B0    04    0D    1  ---  CC: Foot Controller  
001776FE   1  --     B0    04    0B    1  ---  CC: Foot Controller  
00177712   1  --     B0    04    09    1  ---  CC: Foot Controller  
00177726   1  --     B0    04    07    1  ---  CC: Foot Controller  
0017773A   1  --     B0    04    05    1  ---  CC: Foot Controller  
0017774E   1  --     B0    04    02    1  ---  CC: Foot Controller  
00177762   1  --     B0    04    00    1  ---  CC: Foot Controller  

Wah Off

0010BEC9   1  --     F0  Buffer:    14 Bytes   System Exclusive     
SYSX: F0 00 01 0C 12 06 63 00 02 10 00 00 01 F7
0010BECD   1  --     B0    07    7F    1  ---  CC: Volume           
0010BECE   1  --     F0  Buffer:    14 Bytes   System Exclusive     
SYSX: F0 00 01 0C 12 06 63 00 00 09 00 00 00 F7

Vol Sweep Hi->lo

00112800   1  --     B0    07    7D    1  ---  CC: Volume           
00112812   1  --     B0    07    79    1  ---  CC: Volume           
00112826   1  --     B0    07    75    1  ---  CC: Volume           
0011283A   1  --     B0    07    70    1  ---  CC: Volume           
0011284E   1  --     B0    07    6D    1  ---  CC: Volume           
00112862   1  --     B0    07    6A    1  ---  CC: Volume           
00112876   1  --     B0    07    68    1  ---  CC: Volume           
0011288A   1  --     B0    07    66    1  ---  CC: Volume           
0011289E   1  --     B0    07    64    1  ---  CC: Volume           
001128B2   1  --     B0    07    63    1  ---  CC: Volume           
00112921   1  --     B0    07    60    1  ---  CC: Volume           
00112922   1  --     B0    07    5C    1  ---  CC: Volume           
00112923   1  --     B0    07    58    1  ---  CC: Volume           
00112924   1  --     B0    07    53    1  ---  CC: Volume           
00112925   1  --     B0    07    4E    1  ---  CC: Volume           
0011292A   1  --     B0    07    4A    1  ---  CC: Volume           
0011293E   1  --     B0    07    46    1  ---  CC: Volume           
00112952   1  --     B0    07    42    1  ---  CC: Volume           
00112966   1  --     B0    07    3F    1  ---  CC: Volume           
0011297A   1  --     B0    07    3C    1  ---  CC: Volume           
0011298E   1  --     B0    07    3B    1  ---  CC: Volume           
001129A2   1  --     B0    07    39    1  ---  CC: Volume           
001129B6   1  --     B0    07    38    1  ---  CC: Volume           
001129CA   1  --     B0    07    35    1  ---  CC: Volume           
001129DE   1  --     B0    07    33    1  ---  CC: Volume           
001129F2   1  --     B0    07    31    1  ---  CC: Volume           
00112A06   1  --     B0    07    30    1  ---  CC: Volume           
00112A1A   1  --     B0    07    2F    1  ---  CC: Volume           
00112A2E   1  --     B0    07    2D    1  ---  CC: Volume           
00112A42   1  --     B0    07    2A    1  ---  CC: Volume           
00112A56   1  --     B0    07    28    1  ---  CC: Volume           
00112A6A   1  --     B0    07    25    1  ---  CC: Volume           
00112A7E   1  --     B0    07    23    1  ---  CC: Volume           
00112A92   1  --     B0    07    21    1  ---  CC: Volume           
00112AA6   1  --     B0    07    1F    1  ---  CC: Volume           
00112ABA   1  --     B0    07    1D    1  ---  CC: Volume           
00112ACE   1  --     B0    07    1C    1  ---  CC: Volume           
00112AE2   1  --     B0    07    1A    1  ---  CC: Volume           
00112AF6   1  --     B0    07    18    1  ---  CC: Volume           
00112B0A   1  --     B0    07    15    1  ---  CC: Volume           
00112B1E   1  --     B0    07    13    1  ---  CC: Volume           
00112B32   1  --     B0    07    11    1  ---  CC: Volume           
00112B46   1  --     B0    07    0F    1  ---  CC: Volume           
00112B5A   1  --     B0    07    0D    1  ---  CC: Volume           
00112B6E   1  --     B0    07    0B    1  ---  CC: Volume           
00112B82   1  --     B0    07    09    1  ---  CC: Volume           
00112B96   1  --     B0    07    07    1  ---  CC: Volume           
00112BAA   1  --     B0    07    05    1  ---  CC: Volume           
00112BBE   1  --     B0    07    02    1  ---  CC: Volume           
00112BD2   1  --     B0    07    00    1  ---  CC: Volume           

Message was edited by: spaceatl
 Here a link to the FCB page on Vettaville...A pretty good resource for Line 6 stuff...

Re: SpiderValve IV MIDI Wah On/Off
by spaceatl on 2011-08-10 18:53:51.8840

This might help you too...

******************* Flextone III and FCB 1010 programming **********************

Here are some informations for the FCB1010 programming and use with the Flex III...
First of all, remember of the FCB features:
100 'patches' in 10 banks of 10....
But a 'patch' in the FCB IS NOT a guitar patch.... It must be seen as a set of particular messages for the Flextone..
So, next in this document, I will speak as 'SET' for a FCB patch, and 'TONE' for a Flex one...
Ex: you have 36 TONES in the Flex, and you have 100 SETS in the FCB...
A SET may match a TONE, but not only.....
To perform FAST and EASY programming, you need a nice tool:
The FCB Editor program... here is the link:(FCB1010 + help file )
Downloading the Zip File will bring you the Editor and the SendSx utility for uploading your SysEX files into the FCB
(SysEX files  [.Syx]   are images of the FCB memory... see the FCB manual for uploading and downloading those files into the FCB )

Let's continue...

*********  FCB1010 SET available features ***************

In EACH SET, you can:
1) send 5 different program changes ( PC ) ( only one useful for the Flextone )
2) send 2 Control changes ( #number and value )
3) assign two pedals to Continuous Control changes ( CC #number and Min & Max values)
and, not useful for the flextone
4) send 'note-on' values
5) send analog signals by  the two jacks

Here are the possible use of these features:

          ---- PC Program Changes -------
1) PC Program changes: Are used to switch between TONES of the Flex
  see  Appendix C in the manual

WARNING: the PC#number in the manual are offset -1  ie, if you want to switch to the 2B patch ( #6 appendix C),
you MUST set the PC to #7 in the FCB Set...... and so on

          ---- CC Control Changes -------
2) CC1 & CC2
Can work in two different ways:

a) CC1# number different from CC2#number:  they will be sent both on each SET press ( CC#1 first)
Ex: pressing the #5 pedal in bank 0 sets both  the Delay On AND the Delay model on 'Ping Pong'
In the SET ....[#0 bank, pedal# 5]
1) set the CC#1 to 28 value: 127 ( see Appendix D 2nd page 'Delay'section --> Delay enable )
2) set the CC#2 to 88 value: 4     (  "            "                   "                 "               --> Delay model: Ping Pong)
Obviously, you can use one CC only, and for many other uses than enable an effect or selecting a model of something
Ex2: use as a 'Drive boost'
CC#1 set to 13 ( Drive control) value 127 !! ( = Drive knob cranked up to 10 !!)
Can also be used to program the Tap Tempo feature
(CC#: 64 value: 127)

b)CC#1 number = CC#2 number: Makes the SET work as a TOGGLE:
1st press CC#1 sent with the #1value
2nd press CC#2( the same #number) sent with the #2 value

Example: you want a pedal ( the #0 ) work as a toggle for the Wah ( Wah On / Off ) and ONLY for that
See Flex III manual appendix D 2nd page 'Performance Controllers' section:
(Wah enable.....CC#43   Min 0 Max 127   0-63=Off  64-127=On)
==> in EACH bank of the FCB ,# 0 pedal( you want the #0 pedal act always as a toggle wah, in EACH bank )
1) set CC#1: 43  value 127 ( wah on)
2) set CC#2:43  value 0 ( wah Off )
AND A pedal set on the wah control ( see below )(enables the A pedal to send the data flow )
BUT, NO Program change ( as when you press the toggle, the Flex STAYS on its own selected TONE )
Obviously, you can make a pedal act as a toggle AND BOTH SELECT a TONE in The Flex !!!
ex: You want the #1 pedal select a Flex TONE AND act as an  'effects loop On/Off' toggle
See the FBV_Enhance.Syx ( All SysEx files for the Flex III are in this place)
and study the CC#1 and CC#2 settings associated with a PC change on pedals #1 to #4 banks 1 to 9

This feature may also be used to switch between two different parameters settings:
Ex : Remember the 'Drive Boost'
here is a Drive toggle: 1st press: Drive boost 2nd press Normal Drive
CC#1: 13  value 127 ( or other as you need )  => Drive boost
CC#2: 13 value    90 (    "    but lower than the previous) => Normal Drive

          ----  Pedals assignation Control Changes -------
Easy to understand... As the pedals send a continuous flow of midi values, they can control 'sliding' effects like a wah or a volume control
Ex: Wah on A pedal
Set Pedal A CC#7  ( Appendix D 2nd page 'Performance controllers' --> Wah position )
Min value: 0 Max value: 127
NB if you want to limit the range of the wah, you can change those Min & Max values
ex: Min 40 Max 100 This CAN'T be done with a Shortboard !!
NB you can assign the pedals to send continuous controllers for controls Not Designed for that, and get some strange effects
Ex: 'Sliding' treble, sliding tweak modulations, sliding delays etc...  (!!!???)

NOW, let's program a 'SET' ..... !?
The first question is WHAT WOULD ALL THE PEDALS DO ??????????
You MUST imagine the overall features of your board, and the make the different settings....
Then, you can use and COMBINE all the features ( PC, CC#1,CC#2, A pedal, B pedal)
At this point, I can't give you examples here, it would be too long.....
The best is:
LOAD an EXISTING SysEX file ( Yahho's group... see above ) in the FCB Editor, and STUDY the settings., and see how it works....
You will see particular TONE switching pedals, General Toggle pedals, Tone Parameters control pedals, etc.....
If you have problems or particular questions, please post them in the Line 6 Flextone forum
And, if you don't want to worry with programmation, just load the 'already-made' SysEx files...
But I guess if you have downloaded this help file, you want to program by yourself :-)
Enjoy it..!

Re: SpiderValve IV MIDI Wah On/Off
by jws1982 on 2011-08-11 07:31:17.9440

You tell 'em, Space.

Re: SpiderValve IV MIDI Wah On/Off
by spaceatl on 2011-08-11 07:59:13.7160

I don't mean to come across as pi$$ed or anything...just tired of the negative vibes around here...nothing more...I have been out of the loop lately...I would have replied sooner, but I just haven't been around as much...

Re: SpiderValve IV MIDI Wah On/Off
by mekajinn on 2011-08-12 03:32:40.0200

Thanks for your help peaople, I do appreciate it... but I think you need to understand it from a customer's point of view.

I have now found 2 major issues with this amp and every time it has taken weeks to address whilst other lesser and easier issues are addressed rather more quickly.  If you guys are just volunteering then I apologise, but I would like to know where is the official Line 6 Support then?

My main points are that what I have enquired about shouldn't be a pain... they shouldn't be shrouded in mystery... why is it so?

My negative vibes occur because I am waiting weeks for a single reply from someone in the know - from what I can tell if I didn't insist on pursuing this my questions would never be answered, so what am I expected to do?  I've spent nearly the price of the amp again buying other bits of kit to try and get what the amp claimed it would do with a £20 footswitch.  Am I supposed to be pleased about that?  With respect that seems a little optimistic.

If there's a negative vibe is it the fault of the customer?

Having said that, the stuff you guys have told me here looks like it might help a lot... and I will get my sysex head on tonight and have a good play.

Let me finish by saying what I have always said about the SV IV mkII... it is an AWESOME amp... we are merely talking about whether it is 95% perfect of 100% perfect... it is still the best amp I have ever had and the tones are simply awesome.  It's a shame it has these drawbacks, but it's great that there's a community willing to help people through these issues.  However, please understand that after 3 days of fruitless sysex meddling someone's patience will wear rather thin... there are almost infinite places on the net one can end up looking for a solution... and it is frustrating.

I am still a little concerned that the volume pedal will correctly alter the volume level until it is left still and the volume goes back up to 100... but I will report back.

Thank you once again for your help... it is much appreciated.

Re: SpiderValve IV MIDI Wah On/Off
by mekajinn on 2011-08-12 18:11:31.5630

F0 00 01 0C 12 06 63 00 02 10 00 00 02 F7  does nothing apart from cut the amp out.  the other sysex that apparently turns the wah on does nothing. 

I don't know if it is just a bad MIDI implementation or if my wah is broken.  When I use the SV edit programme and swithc the wah on it switches on for a second and then switches the wah off... it is literally a tenth of a second or soemthing.  Also, I have followed many peices of advice about how to get the volume pedal working... and it does... apart from it will just go back to vol=100 if the pedal is not moved after a tenth of a second or so.  This is starting to seem like I have a faulty amp. 

I mean, how do I actually speak to someone who works for Line 6?  And if I already am why am I being told to do what works with a flaxtone III and hoping it will work on a SV?  I really don't understand what's gojng on here... I could have bought a mesa for the amount I have now spent on teh SV plus accessories... and I wouldn't mind of someone could actually just tell me it doesn't do what it said it would etc.  At least I could stop wasting my time.

Please... this is not fair... I bought an amp and I want to speak to someone who works for the company who is prepared to spend some time going through this with me...

At no pojnt has the wah worked on this amp and i have tried everything.  i don't understand why the midi toggle sysex is not freely available... or maybe the stuff for the flextone III does work woith the SV, but mine is broken?  but how can I ever find that out unless someone actually speaks to me about it.

Why doesn't CC 43 switch the wah on and off?  or does it swithc in on and off and mine is broken?

I am at my wits end here.  If it's not working I want a new one... but how can i ever find out if it's not working properly whern the line 6 official support forum won't tell me?  or seems to ignore me for weeks and then say that they are pi$$ed off with my attitude because I actuyally want some service? 

=[  really unhappy wiht the whole experience now.  every hour i spend on this is an hour closer to death for no reason whasoever because there appears to be no solution.  At least of someone told me that I could do soemthing else.

Re: SpiderValve IV MIDI Wah On/Off
by TheRealZap on 2011-08-12 18:33:46.8010

FYI.... space is a customer... experts are just long term customers that enjoy the gear and sharing info about it with other users....

so that IS his perspective...

he's just telling you what he knows... not "how it is"

Re: SpiderValve IV MIDI Wah On/Off
by TheRealZap on 2011-08-12 18:38:12.7160

noone from line6 has responded or even read your issue... (experts do not work for line6)

i know you are frustrated it's obvious...

you made a minor but important error when you posted...

your issue was not "marked as a question"

if its not marked as a question... support (paid line6 employees) will regard it as discussion and not read it...

this is pointed out in the official DOC:

(the last part number 5)

i don't know any answers for your question... so please don't regard this as anything less than my attempt to be helpful and point you in the right direction.

Re: SpiderValve IV MIDI Wah On/Off
by mekajinn on 2011-08-13 11:56:53.6570

ah, sorry... many apologies to all.

I will re post this

Re: SpiderValve IV MIDI Wah On/Off
by spaceatl on 2011-08-15 10:22:17.2240

Check this out bro...When the information for how to do this with a Flextone III was created, it was done so by users with no support from Line 6...Line 6 provides the midi spec, we users have to do the work of integrating a 3rd party controller...Line 6 makes a controller for thier amps, so it is hardly in thier interest to help you make an FCB1010 work with a MK2...If you really understand midi, it isn't much a problem...

And for what you have spent you could bought a MKII pedal...You definitely could have scored a used MK1 shortboard, likely for even less cash and had zero implementation problems...But to each is own, I will try to help you as best I can...I can tell you with some confidence that you can expect little help from Line 6 on this subject...

As far as I can see, you are blazing a new trail as I do not know of anyone that has integrated an FCB1010 with a MK2...

I will give you a hint in the form of a a couple of questions...At least, this is kinda what I suspect your problem is...But I can't be certain as Zap has a point that if there is something wrong with the FCB pedal

How many commands are needed to turn on the wah, turn off the volume pedal and set the pedal as a controller for the wah?

How many commands are needed to turn off the wah, turn on the volume pedal and set the pedal as a volume controller?

Maybe I don't know what I am talking about, but I don't think one CC is going to do what you are trying to do....I suggest you read the MK2 midi dump I posted for you a bit more carefully? There are no less than three things you have to do to make it work...2 commands and controller assignment is how I read it...

Maybe these compound commands are tripping you up a little? I think the need to update the firmware in an FCB 1010 in order to get the Flextone III working might have something to do with your problem...Not sure, but all I can tell you is that the Flextone III is compatable with the MK1 and MK2 FBV shortboards and the CC map is VERY VERY similar between the amplifiers...Why not give it a looksy, there is quite a bit involved to get most of the FBV functionality going on an FCB with a Flexy...I would expect nothing less in the case of a MK2...

And if you do figure it out, then you might be in a position to help some other guys interested in doing what you are doing...sorry to rant...

Re: SpiderValve IV MIDI Wah On/Off
by mekajinn on 2011-08-30 17:31:48.5410

There is a piece of system exclusive data, a command patch flag, that is the wah on switch.  A single command. It's very difficult to work out what that command is if there is not a COMPLETE set of MIDI programme parameter data supplied.

Question was asked there.  'Correct' Answer given - the answer being that it is a 'bug'.

Seems to me that if you plug an official Line 6 pedal into your MIDI sequencing program and put it in record that a simple switch of the wah on/off switch would result in recorded system exclusive data that shows exactly what the command does.

So, to sum up, what you are telling me is that when I buy something from Line 6 there is no user support from the company as such?  Doesn't seem like a great reason to buy their stuff in the future really.  In fact the amount I have wasted on this is already a good reason never to shop Line 6 again to be honest.

My first purchase was a POD mark 1 - the first one...  I don't regard line 6 as an evil capitalist corporation... but... i mean... what's the point?  This really p***ed me off.   I don't spend thousands of pounds buying an amp and stuff just to be greeted with this never ending catalogue of annoyances.  I can get the effing POD mk1 to do wah... and it changes presets quicker than an amp brought out over 10 years later.  bleh.  no more money from me.

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