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Spider IV channel problem
by rayjaycleoful on 2011-07-25 04:05:04.5480

okay so i have a spider IV 15.i wanted to know if it is normal for the settings to change when i switch channels.for example if i have the drive,bass,mid and treble turned up about halfway and the channel volume till about 3, (or any other setting) and i change to one of the other three channels then my drive,bass,mid,treble and channel vol get turned up to full! And then to get the settings the knobs are actually turned up to i have to turn them up or down a bit and then bring it back to the position i want it at to get that sound!!!        

PS-This happens when i switch on the amp and i switch to normal after using the tuner too.The drive,bass,mid,treble and channel vol are at full whether the knob is actually turned up to full or not !!!                         

Is this normal?

Re: Spider IV channel problem
by rayjaycleoful on 2011-07-26 03:04:12.7380

The default settings of the drive,bass,mid,treble and channel vol are  full on all the channels irrespective of the position of the knobs!Also when i select the clean channel the delay is full!                     

Somebody please help

Re: RE: Spider IV channel problem
by Line6david on 2011-07-29 11:30:14.7650



  yes this is normal, what you hear are the factory presets. To replace any preset with your own tone, press and hold one of these four buttons for two seconds. The light fashes when the save is complete.


  Also, when you select an Amp Model, Spider IV automatically sets its tone

  controls and effects to match the Amp Model. You can disable the auto-

  FX selection (but not the tone control auto-selection) by powering up

  with the Insane Channel button held. The auto-selection is re-enabled

  next time you power up.


  If you wish to go back to factory presets, just by holding the Clean Channel button down on power up.


  Originally from: Line6Bakker

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