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Nut for Variax
by hserio on 2011-07-27 09:45:58.5420

I love my variax 700.

But the nut sucks big time.

It doesn't keep the strings in tune when I use the tremolo bar.

I recently found that there's a graphtech nut specially designed to prevent that.

And I need the nut measures to buy a compatible nut.

Since I'm changing the nut for my electric vafiax 700, I'll do the same with my variax 700 acoustic steel.

I'm From Brazil, and the standard measures here are different, so I can't figure that out for myself.

So, can anyone help me with this?

The measures for both nuts, or the compatible models of graphtech nuts?


Re: Nut for Variax
by TheRealZap on 2011-07-27 10:03:11.7430

i would just get in touch with graphtec directly:

they are very helpful and will know the exact product you need.

Re: Nut for Variax
by amx05462 on 2011-07-27 11:43:05.4570

i believe  a fender  strat  or telecaster  nut  will do the trick.

   what may be  better  than  the graphtech one  is a fender  roller  nut.  but theres a bit more  to installing  them.  the   good thing  is  the  strings  move  on   ball bearings.    ive got one  on my strat.   it  was a big help.

you casn check one  out  here

Re: Nut for Variax
by JellyWheat on 2011-07-27 15:10:41.3030

I hate to rain on the parade here, O Great One, but I believe a Fender roller nut requires a slot in the fingerboard. It will not butt up against the trimmed end of a Gibson-type fingerboard unless raised to the correct level relative to the surface of the fingerboard by means odf a block.

There are products like Mighty Mite roller nuts specifically made for this type of application (Gibson-style nut replacement), but you would have to do some woodwork to get the Fender roller nut to do the job on the Variax 700 electric.

Line6Antonio may choose to correct me on this, but I am pretty certain that I speak the truth! Sorry to be disagreeable, Your Eminence!

[... does this mean you are going to pee in my hat again, Excellency?]

(8>c}... damn! It takes DAYS for that felt to dry!


[Oh, and by the way: although the Graphtech products are super quality, they will not entirely solve the problem unless the string grooves are properly cut. I never experienced any nut binding problems with my Variax 700 electric with the stock Corian nut, for whatever that is worth.]

Re: Nut for Variax
by amx05462 on 2011-07-27 17:45:07.1450

yes  you are  correct  sir.  they came  up with a soloution.fender_lsr_roller-nut_all.jpg

what you do is  put this  on wether it  be  fender  or  gibson instalation.  its  not a drop in item in either  case  . for that matter  neither is  mity might. i have  a mighty mite  on my wild kat.  neither  is an easy job.  both  are a great improvement  over  a standard  nut when  using a tremelo  . mity might is tougher to put in..

  having done both  and  used  both i prefer the fender  nut. just  my opinion.CIMG2096.JPG

both require  some  wood  work.  on the  fender  you  remove the  slot  on one  side.   the mighty might   also requires  wood  work as it sits  way too tall from the  factory  because of its  frame.

in either  case  as you said  it  has to be put at the  right the  frets.

ast to the  line  6  nut.  i had a hard tail  300 so i couldnt say if  it  binded  or not. but  it  wouldnt  surprise me if  some did.

so put that  hat  outside  to dry and  air  out a bit cause  i took some  vitamins  and   you know what that does to yer  pee. lol

Re: Nut for Variax
by JellyWheat on 2011-07-27 17:54:23.3910

(8>C}... my hat is hanging on its usual peg on the left side of the Divinatorial Chikkin Coop, Excellency!


[I hope it is a dry, sunny day on the mountaintop tomorrow!]

Re: Nut for Variax
by amx05462 on 2011-07-27 17:59:21.6010


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