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Extremely annoying problem - Pod X3 and Pod Farm 2
by gunwizard on 2011-07-27 13:01:03.0030


This problem has been occurring for about 2 months now and i haven't been able to fix it.

I am running Pod Farm 2 as a VST in Reaper, with a POD X3 aswell.

When i create a tone in pod farm i can hear the clean sound of the guitar as well as the distorted sound from pod farm which has made me think this clean sound is coming from the POD X3.

Anyone know how to disable the clean tone so i can just hear Pod Farm?

RE: Extremely annoying problem - Pod X3 and Pod Farm 2
by Line6Don on 2011-08-02 11:03:35.6450

Hey gunwizard,

How are you connecting your POD X3 to the computer, via USB? or are you connecting it through another audio interface? What output mode are you using on the POD X3? Are you using the ASIO POD X3 driver? How many tracks did you create within Reaper? What are the inputs of these tracks assigned to? Are you using a dual tone within POD Farm? How are you monitoring this setup? What are you connecting your output to?

Please try and provide as much information about the steps taken to set this up, including screens shots if applicable.

In addition can you please make sure to fill out your support profile to give us more information about your computer, you may do so at the link below:

Thank you.

Re: Extremely annoying problem - Pod X3 and Pod Farm 2
by TheRealZap on 2011-08-02 11:15:32.8110

on the track in reaper there is a monitor button that is likely set to "auto"

if you are using the VST you WANT it to record the dry unaffected sound and NOT the distorted sound... so that you can adjust it later...

however... you also WANT to hear the distorted sound and not the dry sound when recording...

turning off the monitoring in reaper should do just this...

i believe it is a small speaker like icon on the bottom left of the track in reaper that you need to toggle.

Re: Extremely annoying problem - Pod X3 and Pod Farm 2
by Line6david on 2011-08-05 08:41:33.9570


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Re: Extremely annoying problem - Pod X3 and Pod Farm 2
by guitarfreak2105 on 2011-08-11 02:47:29.3470

Correct me if I am wrong but POD Farm as a plugin will not act as an amp emulator. Usually when using the VST, you record your clean uncompressed signal then use POD Farm to re-amp. Also TheRealZap sounds correct as well.

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