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POD XT LIVE, cannot upload Tones?
by palmyates on 2011-07-28 22:41:19.1170

I have a POD XT LIVE, which I bought a few years ago in the USA. I now live in Australia and using the XT in a band. I have a 21.5' MAC, and I am unable to upload Tones. It keeps giving me the following message...Safari can’t open the file “Red House-2.l6t” because no available application can open it.

I spoke to the Apple support folks who said I may need to install an older operating system, or a driver to be able to access the Tones. He also said you may be working on a new operating system or driver for 10.7. Not a real savvy computer guy.

Thanks for the help

Re: POD XT LIVE, cannot upload Tones?
by linas on 2012-11-30 14:30:27.9220

Hi, I have the same problem,maybe who explain how to uploud tones?thanks

Re: POD XT LIVE, cannot upload Tones?
by Triryche on 2012-12-03 08:26:23.5330

Are you running Mountain Lion?

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