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Toneport UX2 + Footswitch usage?
by Rickymon on 2011-07-30 11:37:22.8940

Hello Guitar Geeks

I have reached to run my good old TP UX2 with Gearbox + two cheap footswitches

(Got these from ebay they are just a mouseclick microswitch attached to a regular plug mounted on an a plastic piece, about 2 bucks each, but sounds like anyone con make it, just a temporary switch and a plug)

never saw any settings dialog to manage midi controller on Pod Farm 1 and Pod farm 2 erased all my amps,

so I'm not using that again anymore in my life.

So I preffer to stay with Gearbox, (perhaps switch to Podfarm 1 just for recording)

Have couple questions and subjects for Line6 Guys to think about:

Is anybody using Toneports for Live stuff? perhaps with one of those new Windows tablets

(I have even heard of a smartphone running XP)

Is there any incomming driver and gearbox for android users?

(So Many $80 bucks chinese tablets in ebay now)

Since I am already using Toneport as a full time sound card:

Is the toneport intented for full time usage?

Can I use these cheap footswitches plugged to the TP with other software? Like gamming, or just office stuff, Copy/paste, etc.?

Feel free to send ur demos and presets, utube links are cool too.

Greetings from Peru.

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