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POD HD 400 Edit Not Recognising My Device
by JakeAllan on 2011-08-03 01:51:04.2740

I just got a POD HD 400 for my birthday today and wanted to get some sounds off the internet because i tried the defult tones at my friends house and didn't like them that much. I downloaded Line 6 Monkey and installed the drivers for the HD 400 and the Edit software, i pluged my POD into the computer afterthey were installed but when i opened POD HD 400 Edit it wouldn't pick up my POD it just said at the bottom that there was no line 6 device connected when it was Can Anybody Help me solve this problem i am Having?



Re: POD HD 400 Edit Not Recognising My Device
by Rowbi on 2011-08-03 05:49:56.5040

try using a different USB port.  also make sure no USB hubs are connected to your PC.

have you also made sure you're funning the latest flash memory on the POD? does Monkey see the POD and tell you about that?  is it the latest version of Monkey from the downlaods link at the top of this page?



Re: POD HD 400 Edit Not Recognising My Device
by spaceatl on 2011-08-03 06:25:21.3890

+1 Rowbi...check the HD firmware in Monkey...

Another thing that has happened to me with my HD400 when updating Edit from the Monkey is that there is a copy of the driver installed there...I have accidentally left my HD400 connected during the Edit install and did not de-select the driver from the edit installer...Then my Edit stopped working...To remediate I re-installed the driver from the Monkey and all came back...

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