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Unrepaired XDS95
by billshoup on 2011-08-12 09:31:08.9860

This is regard to forum topic: Register/Repair XDS Wireless  where I have extensively discussed a problem with my XDS95 wireless:

I was EXTREMELY disappointed to receive my XDS95 wireless back today with the resolution of “Tested 3 different times for 10 min each – Could not reproduce problem” by technician PYagubyan (Repair #97688, RMA#0060000059, Serial# 9017154/9011195). Any kind of glance at the information I provided would have made it extremely clear that this problem has never ever occurred within 10 minutes of use.  Don Boomer asked for a clip of the problem which I provided him (and which I clearly made you aware of).  Don stated both in this forum and in an email;

“After analyzing the file it appears that you have some hardware failure likely in an output audio stage and not a problem with the radio itself.  It's likely an op-amp that is close to completely failing.  You should contact our service department to get it corrected.” 

I would have hoped that you would have followed up with Don’s diagnosis rather than throwing up your hands after 3 ten minute testing sessions and sending it back to me unrepaired. Can I PAY you to do the repair Don recommends?  You can otherwise be sure you’ve lost a customer forever and that I will recommend to everyone I know not to purchase Line 6 products, as you may have a good sounding warrantee, but the truth is unless you have a problem that can be reproduced within ten minutes of testing, it won’t get fixed.  I’m very sorry for being so bitter, but after fighting with this problem for the last several months and finally being very hopeful it would get resolved I’m VERY disappointed.

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