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UX2 crashes on Windows7
by AllgreenDCLXVI on 2011-08-13 03:28:55.9450


I got following problem:

I got myself a new laptop and started to install line6-monkey and podfarm (v1.12) for my UX2-device:

First it went all fine. But when I started to adjust the buffersize an changed to 24bit in podfarm the UX2 device crashes.

The device does not process any sound anymore, although it is listed as audio-interface.

I installed and un-installed all Line 6 data over and over again but with no success. As soon as I use POD-Farm it crashes.

Further the uninstall function is not available after downloading again the latest versions of l6-monkey and podfarm (v1.12).

I removed all data manually as was noticed in another thread. (ProgrammFiles, Sys32, AppData.. etc.)

Another issue that appears is:

As soon as the device crashes, I am not able to play any mp3 files on players like winamp and media-player. they just don't start...

I already downloaded all driver updates....

Here the technical infos:

Laptop: packard bell

Windows7 64-bit, Intel-Core i7-2630QM, 8GB DDR Memory, 2GHz

Line6 device: UX2

SW: Line 6 Monkey (v1.41); POD Farm (v.1.12)

Please check!


RE: UX2 crashes on Windows7
by Line6Don on 2011-08-16 09:36:47.4050

Hey AllgreenDCLXVI,

Make sure and apply all Windows updates using Windows Update from the control panel. Once you open the Windows Update, make sure and select the option for "Get updates for other Microsoft Products" and go through and make sure to update all versions of the C++.

You will then need to make sure to uninstall all versions of POD Farm and Line 6 software from the computer:

-Completely uninstall all instances of POD Farm as well as any other Line 6 software using the Line 6 Uninstaller within:

C:\Program Files(86x)\Line6\Tools

Make sure that you have the most recent version of the Line 6 drivers and Monkey installed as well:

Windows Drivers

Line 6 Monkey 1.41:

The update to Line 6 Monkey will include an update to the License Manager as well. Download and install POD Farm 2.51 from the link below:

Install it but do not launch it yet.

Please try removing any additional unnecessary USB and firmware devices from your computer when troubleshooting this issue. Make sure to connect it directly to a USB port and not a USB hub, extension, or keyboard of any kind, preferably connect it to a USB port on the rear of computer. Try using additional USB cables and every USB port available.

Can you please then try using the License Manager software to de-authorize and re-authorize your computer as well as all of your Line 6 devices. Make sure to remove the information when prompted to, and then install again when prompted to, this will ensure that you reinstall all of your available Line 6 assets from your account into your device.

I would then recommend to optimize Windows 7 for audio performance by following the instructions at the links below:

Once you have completed these optimizations please try launching POD Farm 2.51 and let us know your results.

RE: UX2 crashes on Windows7
by Line6Don on 2011-08-18 09:59:31.6220

Hey AllgreenDCLXVI,

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