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SV mkII HD100 Wah and MIDI issues
by mekajinn on 2011-08-13 12:39:45.8510


Having a real problem finding out of the wah and/or MIDI is working properly on this HD100.

ultimately I am tryin to get a Behringer FCB1010 to work with it as a custome MIDI controller... but I am experiencing problems before that is even involved.

I now have my macbook pro plugged into the SV via usb to MIDI... I have SV edit open... i strum an open chord and then press the WAH button in SV edit... for maybe a tenth of a second the sound changes to havoing much more resonance and some kind of peak frequency, but then it immediately goes back to the original sound.  if I change the audition value on SV edit and switch the wah on again I can hear that the peak frequency has changed... but again, the wah sound stops after maybe a tenth of a second and with a bit of a click/pop goes back to the original.

Also I notice that if I sequence MIDI to the HD100 from cubase that using cc7 creates a tremelo effect because the unit is going to the volume specified by cc7 and the hopping back up to maximum, then going to the next value of cc7, then hopping back to maximum.  In short it's as if the unit has decided that it should be at volume 100... then the cc7 tells it a new value, so it goes to that... and then instead of staying there it decides that it should be at max again.  So even though I have put in a smoth line from vol 100 to 0 using cc7, the unti always tries to get back to maximum after a split second.

Both of these things don't seem right,

I will leave it there for now but it develops into a problem involving the FCB1010 later... but the real problem is diagnosing whether the amp has an issue or not.

Re. the wah issue... I would just like to know how to switch it on and get it to stay on... at least I would know it works and be able to progress to the next step of the process!

Many thanks.


Re: SV mkII HD100 Wah and MIDI issues
by mekajinn on 2011-08-13 13:54:00.0260

ok... a bit more weirdness.

at one point the SV edit was able to get the wah to switch on for about half a second.  as long as CC4 was not used... if any CC was used it turned the wah off.

Also, only getting monkey and SV edit to find the SV HD100 about half the time.

seems to me that it's a naff unit... any other possibilities?

Just did a hard factory reset... no difference. 

i can use cc17 or cc45 to control the volume... but cc7 is not usable... and as i said... the wah is effectively useless. 

This is also a unit where there is a noticable 70ms delay in switchibng presets... which some people notice and others don't... i would be very interested to know what the official Line 6 view on this is.

really tired of this now... i appreciate any help. =[

Re: SV mkII HD100 Wah and MIDI issues
by Nick_Mattocks on 2011-08-14 05:28:32.4420


I'd love to be able to assist you on this, but unfortunately I don't have an FCB1010 or any other MIDI controller with an attached expression pedal - I just use an FBV Shortboard.

I could rig up Cubase or whatever DAW using the Shortboard MkII as a controller and create MIDI control that way, but that would take me time I just don't have today, however if I have some time tomorrow I might be able to give that a shot

On the channel switching latency - I don't notice it with my SV MkII 212 combo, so again, sorry there too


Re: SV mkII HD100 Wah and MIDI issues
by mekajinn on 2011-08-14 12:35:02.5080

Hi Nick,

It isn't so much that.  I just want someone at Line 6 to plug their computer into their HD100 so that they can use Line 6 Monkey and SV edit to get the wah to work.  To be able to tell me that the process I am going through should work and if it doesn't the amp has issues.

I will number the points in order...

1. Attach amp to Computer running Moneky and SV edit. 

2. SV Edit and Monkey recognise the amp is connected.

3. click on the wah button in SV edit

4. use the audition button to do a wah sweep.

Mine doesn't work when I do this... it will activate the wah for a split second and then it goes back to the standard sound.

Is my amp working incorrectly?  I dunno, I am removing the FCB from the situation entirely... if the amp cannot show that the wah works when it's just the amp I think it's safe to say that the amp is not working properly and should be replaced?

Thanks for taking a look Nick.

Re: SV mkII HD100 Wah and MIDI issues
by Nick_Mattocks on 2011-08-14 16:54:01.6780

I don't think you have an FBV MkII anywhere near your amp do you?

You are connecting the computer to your amp using standard MIDI right?

And the computer sees the amp in Spider Valve MkII Edit?

I don't know if this helps explain the situation, but if you are using an FBV MkII pedal board to connect your amp to a computer then all amp control with the FBV goes out of the window as all it is now is an interface rather than a controller.

If you need to use the FBV to control the amp when you are also auditioning patches in the editor, you must connect the amp to computer by MIDI and not connect the FBV to the computer at all; just to the amp.  That way, both the expression pedal will operate the Wah as will the audition control in the editor.  I know the audition control in Spider Valve MkII Edit definitely works.

Tell you what, post a patch from your amp here and I'll try it with my SV MkII combo using a MIDI link between the amp and the computer.

Oh, and are you using both MIDI in and out cables? You need to.


Re: SV mkII HD100 Wah and MIDI issues
by mekajinn on 2011-08-15 00:02:59.8090

No FBV/FCB is being used at all.

Computer > SV Edit > MIDI cable (in and out) > amp

I am trying to find out if the amp is working properly... I am not talking about FCB or FBV pedals at all any more.

Computer and amp are connected. 

I switch the wah on the SV edit program on

the wah comes on for 0.1 seconds (I mean on the amp, the actual physicall effect)

the wah switches itself off immediately for no reason, therefore meaning that the audition knob does nothing.

It really is that simple.  It's ok,  what you've told me is that my amp doesn't work properly and I need to send it for replacement or repair.

I don't understand why you want to try one of my patches... it doesn't matter which patch I use, the wah does the same thing every time.

edit: sorry, just to make it clear... I am not touching any buttons on the amp, I am just using SV edit to make the amp do things.

From what you say Nick I should be able to to make the wah active and use the audition button to preview the wah effect.  I am not able to do this without the amp switching the wah off again almost immediately - it does this of it's own accord, and not because of anything I change.

thanks again.

Re: SV mkII HD100 Wah and MIDI issues
by mekajinn on 2011-08-16 08:19:20.9520

Hi Nick...

I am taking it back to the shop tomorrow after talking to UK customer support on the phone today.

It would appear that something isn't quite right with the wah, and possibly the MIDI implementation, as shown by the peculiar response to the use of CC7.  I can take the unit along with my laptop so I can demonstrate the issues... but thanks for letting me know how it behaves when you're using SV edit... mine doesn't behave!!!

Will keep you posted... but I think if it works as I think it should I will be able to program the fcb1010 to do what I want!


RE: SV mkII HD100 Wah and MIDI issues
by Line6Hugo on 2011-08-16 15:45:19.2180


I was able to reproduce this problem on the Spider Valve Mk II using it's editor in the same manner as you describe.

This may be due to there no being a dedicated MIDI CC to enable/disable the Wah on the Spider Valve MK II. It works just fine performing this action using an FBV Express or Shortboard Mk II to connect to the Editing software, just not via MIDI.

I have logged a bug for this issue.



Re: RE: SV mkII HD100 Wah and MIDI issues
by mekajinn on 2011-08-16 16:44:36.7800

Hi Hugo,

Should I return the unit for a repair then? 

I still have an issue with CC7 always returning to a default volume a split second after a different value is received... eg.  I send a single event of CC7 at say a value of 50, the amp goes to volume 50 for a tenth of a second... and then pops straight back to 127.  It's really odd, because it's as if something is continually telling the amp to be at full volume with respect to CC7 (I know that other CCs can control volume too, such as CC17 and CC45 I think.)

It seems odd because CC7 really is THE volume controller... peculiar.

I have noticed that SV edit does send a sysex value when switching the wah on/off... but as you say, it doesn't work when it insists on switching itself off immediately!

Good to know it isn't me going mad tho... thanks!

Re: RE: SV mkII HD100 Wah and MIDI issues
by mekajinn on 2011-08-18 12:58:07.8490

Hello?  Anyone?

If this is a bug should I be taking it in to be fixed?

Re: RE: SV mkII HD100 Wah and MIDI issues
by Line6david on 2011-08-18 16:21:29.8520


No, a trip to the repair center would make no difference. Hugo is saying that it needs to be tested by Line 6 to determine if an update for the amp's software is needed.

The best thing to do is sit tight and we will inform you when we know more.



Line 6 Customer Support

Re: RE: SV mkII HD100 Wah and MIDI issues
by mekajinn on 2011-08-19 04:30:34.2650

Thanks David...

I am happy to sit tight... but obviously if it gets close to the end of the warranty period I will become a little more uneasy!

Also, could someone please test the volume (CC7) issue for me?  It does seem a little strange that if, for example, I send a contstant signal of CC7=40, for example, the result is a tremelo effect as the amp goes between 40 and 127 as it accepts the new value of 40 and then flips back to 127 of it's own accord.

As I've said, there is a fairly satisfactory workaround for this, but it's behaving in way that one wouldn't expect.

Thanks again for your help guys.

Re: RE: SV mkII HD100 Wah and MIDI issues
by mekajinn on 2011-11-16 01:24:33.9800

Sorry, but I had to unmark this as correct because these issues have not been addressed.

Re: RE: SV mkII HD100 Wah and MIDI issues
by Line6Tony on 2011-11-18 12:30:28.9590

I have brought these issues to the attention of the product manager for the amp. As with any issue with any product, this does not guarantee if or when they will be addressed. We marked this thread (and others that are similar) as answered when the bugs were logged because we have taken the threads as far as we can. I will continue to work towards a final resolution for these issues and will communicate a response once a course of action is given to me.

Re: RE: SV mkII HD100 Wah and MIDI issues
by mekajinn on 2011-11-19 14:02:57.3910

All I can say is that it's 18 months or so since these issues were first highlighted on this board.

I don't really believe a fix is being worked on, or ever going to be presented to us. 

I think that's pretty disgusting really.  Hope you enjoyed the money I gave you.

Re: SV mkII HD100 Wah and MIDI issues
by petrufmartin on 2013-03-21 06:25:23.5450

I have exact same problems.... with volume and wah.... I open support ticket and answers are really useless

hey line 6...are you ignoring us?

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