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Line 6 M13 UK Mains Compatability
by samkershaw on 2011-08-14 07:15:48.3000

Hi, I've been in a few bidding wars for a second hand line 6 M13 from Uk sellers (i'm from the Uk too) and always loose, but USA sellers almost always have the product as a buy it now, for around £250 (transfered for dollar obviously), if buying the M13 from a US seller, will the product be UK mains/plug socket compatable, as the mains in the UK operate at 240 volts and I know the US is around half of that.


- Sam

Re: Line 6 M13 UK Mains Compatability
by phil_m on 2011-08-14 07:38:03.9280

The adapter that comes with the US version wouldn't work in the UK. You could purchase the correct adapter separately though. Any Line 6 dealer in the UK should be able to sell you the correct one.

Re: Line 6 M13 UK Mains Compatability
by goldglob on 2011-08-14 11:26:10.9890

Plus import duty, import VAT, and carrier customs handling fees. (And postage, and insurance.). Not looking good really.

Re: Line 6 M13 UK Mains Compatability
by bgmww on 2011-08-14 14:26:24.7390

i have an M13 that i bought in USA. The power supply is from UK, and i use it in Argentina (220v) Works flawlessly

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