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Aaargh! Gear snobs.
by wjoyce on 2011-08-14 12:37:26.9370

I played my first gig in 10 years last night.  It was also my first gig playing six-string EVER.  I'm a drummer first and foremost, and  played bass for 3 years in a band many years ago, but I was asked to play lead in my brother-in-laws covers band so thought why not.

I'm a bit of a Line 6 fanboy I suppose.  I don't like everything they've done, but I've owned the original Pod, then the XT, Toneport, Variax, X3 and, more recently, a Flextone 3.

I'm also not able to blow £500 on a "proper" guitar.  Instead, I choose to buy cheapie Squiers and then customise them to my specs.  I love nothing more than picking up a teenagers discarded Squier for 30 quid, ripping the guts out, choosing pickups, setting up etc.  In my opinion, these guitars give many more expensive "better" guitars a run for their money.

When this position came up, I stuck with what I knew from my many years of bedroom noodling (not a euphemism btw) and went with the X3 Live into the return on the Flextone.  It took a bit of tweaking to get what I wanted over several rehearsals, but I got there in the end.

Anyway, I turned up at the gig to find the bands old guitarist doing the sound.  I set my gear up and, in an vain attempt to make conversation with him, I confessed I wasn't sure how it would all sound live.  He replied with a whole load of crap about how he hated Line 6 gear, multi-FX units etc, and that it was valve all the way for him.

Now, I'll admit that I haven't played a great deal of valve gear to be able to compare, but his attitude just sucked.  I dismissed any doubts I had when I got that bad boy cranked up.  He didn't speak to me after the gig.

Thanks Line 6.


Re: Aaargh! Gear snobs.
by Karl_Houseknecht on 2011-08-14 13:17:00.9070

I love stories like this.  The proof is all in the pudding, i.e. - the tone.

wjoyce wrote:

from my many years of bedroom noodling (not a euphemism btw)

I don't know.  There's a reason why they also refer to aimless playing as "wanking".

Re: Aaargh! Gear snobs.
by Bluestone on 2011-08-14 17:32:44.6680

I love a happy ending


Re: Aaargh! Gear snobs.
by jmccosar on 2011-08-15 10:29:01.7210


I cant tell you how many times this has happened to me.

I'm using the HD100 head and the POD HD 500.  It began to get comical when I set up at a gig and someone would say, "Do you get a good sound out of that?"  Or "I'd never use Line 6, its too "fake" sounding".

I fire up the amp, warm up a bit.... then the crowd starts gathering around the amp.  They want to see behind the cab, look through the HD100 glass to see the innards of the amp.  Then the questions start...

"Did you modify the amp?"

"Who set it up for you?"

"Where did you get the settings?"

"How much did the amp cost?"

"I heard that you can get settings online?''

....All these questions get asked BEFORE the show starts, then.... after the gig..... suddenly those people turn into either your best friend and fan or, like in your case.. mysteriously vanish.

Truth be told, there is something quite satisfying when someone questions me about Line 6, my choice to use Line 6 gear and want to debate on what they've "heard".  Nearly 100% of the time I walk out of a gig, without a word to anyone.  The gear did the speaking for me.



Re: Aaargh! Gear snobs.
by dasvox on 2011-08-15 21:43:35.2870

@karl & bluestone. aren't u 2 talking about the same thing lol. just saw aaron lewis last fri. and his dobrow/pedal steel playing sideman was running a red bean pod. couldn't see it well enough to tell the exact version. boy were we snookered. 40 something dollars apiece to listen to some guy play through a pod. if u get a chance check it out. awesome!

Re: Aaargh! Gear snobs.
by Slingy on 2011-08-17 23:10:50.0020

Well the Line6 models valve gear so I guess Line6 like vlave gear too thats why they model it.

Re: Aaargh! Gear snobs.
by Tmidiman on 2011-08-21 18:51:11.5030

I agree that proof is in the pudding. The tone and getting something you can feel is the thang. Of coarse the song is king. In my area most gear sluts can copy music, but can't write for $#%&.

Many times it has happened to me that tube amp snobs hate on line6. Then they hear my music and they go out and buy line6 gear.


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