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License Manager 1.01 not authorizing Pod Farm 2 for UX2 (old red) WIN 7
by paulmackay86 on 2011-08-15 14:20:34.8590

I used a crossgrade from PF1 to PF2 for ilok and DEPOSITED the license to the ilok and synced it online. But License Manager 1.01 is not authorizing Pod Farm 2 for UX2.

When I bought it I didn't update my new email and didn't know of any need to update "my computer" yet as I had to perform a backup recently involving switching to a second hard drive. So when I use License Manager for the first time ever after buying the crossgrade I then see it needed Authorizing to my PC and UX2.

I know that admin permission issues arise when OS tries to store authorization codes as I have a User Account with admin permission and UAC is off. Once I had to go into the Admin account for a VST to store the activation code - is this the trouble here or must I try another method in case it has stored my old drive (now my secondary) with the purchase? e.g. deactivate/reactivate?

Re: License Manager 1.01 not authorizing Pod Farm 2 for UX2 (old red) WIN 7
by paulmackay86 on 2011-08-15 21:31:41.8930

Could it be that I first got a POD XT? Was the Pod Farm1 linked to that? Which gave me the option of Crossgrade to Pod Farm 2? But Pod Farm1 has no ilok - it just appears in License Manager and I can use it on UX2.

I think it's worth the small fee to Crossgrade if it can work with any of my Line6 devices.

Personally I think the issue here is your server is not getting all the details put together.

Re: License Manager 1.01 not authorizing Pod Farm 2 for UX2 (old red) WIN 7
by paulmackay86 on 2011-08-16 17:54:40.4720

I want Pod Farm 2 for my UX2 - it did not state what the Crossgrade was for. If it only is for the pod XT then I am sorry this was not stated when I purchased and do want it refunded. As things stand I have nothing new for what I paid. The UX2's job is to work with a PC so what is the point of me not being able to get it Crossgraded when it did already use pf1 and yet my pod XT sits far away from the PC. You have created a stupid scenario here.  Why is there no orderly que? - I can't get this to become a question on this forum- How to get it looked at?

Re: License Manager 1.01 not authorizing Pod Farm 2 for UX2 (old red) WIN 7
by Line6david on 2011-08-17 16:05:53.2170


It took me quite a while to find this thread and figure out what your issue is. Please respond to this thread from now on. I am closing the other threads. I am not trying to be inflamitory but you are making it very difficult for us to find a solution to your problem because the "peices of the puzzle" so to speak are scattered all across the forum. This is the reason we were not able to repond in a timely manner.

Also, note that it generally takes us 72 hours to respond to a thread on the forums:

Now, lets get down to fixing your issue.


I created a support ticket for you so we can resolve this issue. Please respond to the ticket. Thanks.

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