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Expected RF signal strength - XDS95?
by buzzystang on 2011-08-17 21:19:57.0870

I am the "new" owner of a B-Stock/Refurb X2 XDS95 wireless. I have been experiencing the short range dropouts reported here. I haven't seen anyone here report that when trying to troubleshoot their dropouts they confirmed the RF signal strength they were getting. I also didn't read yet what number of LED's in RF strength mode on the XDR1 was considered "normal".

In any channel, without the instrument cable plugged in, roaming with the transmitter indoors, in line of sight of the receiver here are my approximate signal strength indicators:

< 1 inch - 5 LED's

1 inch to 3 feet - 4 LED's

3  to 12 feet - 3 LED's

12 to 18 feet - 2 LED's

18 to 25 feet - 1 LED

> 25 feet - 1 to no LED's

I also tested with the instrument cable plugged into the transmitter, some increased range there but not much.  if I wiggled the cable while keeping the transmitter as stationary as possible, I would see 1 LED +/- variations in the RF signal strength, but not a complete loss of signal. Is what I am seeing normal, is a cable replacement needed?


RE: Expected RF signal strength - XDS95?
by Line6Hugo on 2011-08-19 16:29:11.5720


You must be talking about the rackmount XDR95 as the XDS95 does not have those indicator lights.

If you are experiencing this in different locations outside of where you tested this, the system would need to be taken to an authorized service center to take a look and verify what the problem may be.



Re: RE: Expected RF signal strength - XDS95?
by buzzystang on 2011-08-19 17:16:23.7760

I'll have it looked at then thanks. It is an XDS95, you can put it into an RF signal detection mode by starting up the XDR1 as per page 5 of the instruction manual, under DigiScan™ Special Receiver Power Up Mode section:

"To monitor RF signal strength, you must first select the desired channel then power off. Power up as above (hold Mode/Sel down, press on/off & release, keep holding Mode/Sel until all LED's turn red) , then press the channel select button one more time. If there is currently RF in the channel, red LEDs will light left to right showing signal strength (min. to max.)."

The information above may not be current, and you should direct questions to the current forum or review the manual.