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Don't want to dive into the new gear? Want TONS of great amps/cabs/etc.??
by MerlinFL on 2011-08-18 20:37:49.9670

I originally wrote this as a suggestion for someone who had his Line 6 Vetta II amp die and not be able to be repaired because EVERYTHING about them is discontinued by Line 6.  I thought I'd start a simple posting for ANY users to learn that there are other options that line 6 might not mention in a tech support situation, or even want too many people to know about since it would cut seriously into the company's amp sales.

Another way to get the same sounds without using a (insert ANY amp/pedalboard combination here from ANY manufacturer)  is by using the POD FARM software with an inexpensive laptop you can bring to your gigs or the recording studio.  The software is not that expensive but has ALL the amps, cabs, FX, minus the physical amp.  I KNOW this DOES WORK in live situations as well as amazing in the studio.

You need the following equipment...

(1) laptop running Windows XP or higher.......or a comparable MAC

(1) Line 6 Shortboard MKII which will connect to your laptop by a USB cable


for the power/speaker section------

(1) ANY tube or solid state powered speaker with your choice of 10 inch or 12 inch speakers. The preamp front part of ANY guitar amp is NOT needed.  Just the power section and a working FX loop RETURN input.

or even simpler...

(1) cheap but minimum 200w total (100w x 2) power amp

(1) your choice from a Marshall 4x12 cab to whatever one or pair of cabinets you like the sound of that fits your budget.

the output from the laptop can be from a STEREO 1/8 inch HEADPHONE jack cable on one end to TWO 1/4 inch plugs on the other end for stereo signals - OR - an adapter available that converts USB to a stereo audio signal.

Once you've got everything starting with the laptop and POD FARM 2.0 or higher download as many of the patches created by Line 6 AND some patches created by users like myself from this download sections for FREE!!

This even looks pretty cool with the laptop facing the audience as you can see some of the changes you might cause with the pedalboard happen on the laptop screen that the audience can also see.  This has gotten me MANY comments on what I was using that got all the variety of sounds I played from just one guitar.  The only thing that would make this set up better is a Variax guitar.

I hope this gives anyone reading this posting other options and perhaps some choices might not thought of, but work extremely well once you learn how it hooks up and spent some time playing around with the preset sounds in the POD FARM software to creating your own amp or DUAL AMP patches.

If you need any help putting something like this together, please feel free to write to me.

Best of luck,


PS - I'd also like to know if any at Line 6 has ever discussed this set up as an alternative to any of there amplifier products?

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