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wah problem on pod HD 500 ?
by Manstone on 2011-08-19 17:49:35.9800

i have recently bought the hd 500, mostly as a unit to record with, as it pretty much nails the tone that i use live with a Mesa rectifier boosted by a Tubescreamer.

       When adding the wah though, i have noticed that it considerably reduces the gain produced by the Tubescramer or "screamer" model as it is named, but doesn't affect amp gain/distortion on the Mesa "Treadplate" model.

This is happening even when the wah is switched off too !!!........i have tried placing the wah before and after the screamer but to no avail...all the wah models appear to do this on the HD 500.

              I will carry on using my own wah in front of the HD 500 (though shouldn't have to really) as i also find that you have to hit a foot switch to activate the wah, rather than just treading on the wah pedal to switch it on like any real wah, which is kind of annoying.

   any body else come across this ?

Re: wah problem on pod HD 500 ?
by Nick_Mattocks on 2011-08-19 21:05:28.3610

I nearly always place a Wah in the OFF position before a Screamer in my signal chain, but have to say I've never noticed any tone sucking such as you're describing.

What firmware version are you running in your POD?  When you last updated your POD's firmware did you clear the unit's Global Parameter settings by holding down the left button on the 4 way Nav pad?  This won't delete your presets, but it will set all global parameters back to factory defaults including Set List names and you will need to recalibrate your unit's expression pedal.

Also, check your POD's input configuration for the presets you're having trouble with.

What guitar are you using when you notice this problem?

Is your POD HD500 connected to a computer when this issue occurs?

Can you post an example of a preset that demonstrates the issue please?


Re: wah problem on pod HD 500 ?
by Manstone on 2011-08-20 10:00:34.8640

i only bought the HD500 yesterday, so it's straight out of the box.

         i don't have it connected to my computer, it was going through headphones and then i tried it into my Tascam Neo recorder. The guitars used are various Gibson Les Paul, Ibanez, PRS guitars

i have it set as follows:

screamer: Drive     65 %

                Bass    50 %

                Tone     45 %

                Treble   50 %

               Output   65 %

Treadplate amp model :  Drive 35 %

                                   Bass 25 %

                                     Mid 85 %

                                   Treble 60 %

                                    Presence 50 %

                                     Volume 50 %

Graphic eq (to roll off exessive low end) 80 Hz  -5.0

Re: wah problem on pod HD 500 ?
by ronnied50 on 2011-08-20 12:37:28.1110

You really should do the updates,Everything will get much better,You think the treadplate sounds decent now...get the updates.

Re: wah problem on pod HD 500 ?
by Manstone on 2011-08-21 17:50:04.5000

ok, will do !

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