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Another dead Express MK II
by bclery on 2011-08-21 13:18:17.7870

I have a Spider IV 75 and the FBV Express MK II.  At first things worked fine.  These two communicated, my cables are all good no problem.  Then I decided to upgrade the firmware and try to use Spider Edit.  That was the begining of the end.

Using a new Sony Vaio Win 7 laptop, the firmware update went fine for both the amp and FBV.  I could read settings from the AMP and edit in Spider Edit.

But, as soon as I disconnected the FBV from the PC it stopped working.  I got funny sounds and the FBV was useless, then amp acted odd too.  At this point I factory reset the amp (hold "A" and powerup).  The amp is now working fine.

The FBV was still dead, just flashing LEDS.  I could not calibrate.  It would not talk to the amp or pc.  Finally after much random powering up and cable in/out I managed to get into calibrate mode and then it would work again with the amp.  Encouraged, I was dumb enough to plug it into the PC again.  BAM, back to dead flashing LED mode.

At this point the FBV is not recognized by the PC and not controlling the amp at all.  It just flashes its LEDs.  If I click the wah/vol button the flashing stops, but still dead.

I am pretty sure the FBV Express MK II is in fine hardware condition.  It was working fine and at one point started working fine again.  I believe there are some serious bugs in the FBV Express MK II 1.10 software.

At this point I would like to do a factory reset on this FBV Express MM II pedal.  Is there a way to reset this thing to a factory state?

Is there a way to revert back to the more operational 1.0 software ?

Is there a way to kick it out of "USB Mode"  ?  Perhaps it is stuck in that state ?

What it the software on this thing telling me?  What does flashing LEDs mean, what 'mode' is that?  Why do they stop flashing when I click the wah/voh button?

How do I get this thing to be useful and not just flash LEDs.

I am an electrical engineer and write software for a living, so please don't tell me to "make sure it is plugged in".  I have NEVER used a cat-5 cross cable on this.  I have powered it up many ways and while holding various buttons.  I have tried the calibration (no response).  I have tried various cables.  I tried three PCs and a MAC.  I tried Win 7 and Win XP.  I have installed and uninstalled Monkey and the USB drivers multiple times.  I have read everything I could find on the line 6 web site.  I will be glad to open it and tweak something if that will get it out of this dead state.

This "USB then dead" seems to be a repeating theme on the web site, but I not yet read a serious answer from Line 6.

RE: Another dead Express MK II
by Line6Don on 2011-08-23 11:31:14.1820

Hey bclery,

Have you tried to reinstall the flash memory on the FBV Express MKII? If not please try to do so, this will more or less be a factory reset for FBV Express MKII. Once you have been able to successfully reinstall the latest flash memory try to go through the pedal calibration process one more time:

FBV Express MkII Calibration Steps:

  • Start with your FBV device not connected to any USB port or Line 6 device (and, therefore, powered “off”).

  • Press and hold down the “D” labeled footswitch while you “power on” your FBV (by connecting to your Line 6 amp with which you plan on using your FBV). Upon release of the D footswitch, the FBV Tuner’s numerical display will read “1”.

  • Press the on-board pedal forward fully and hold down pedal’s Toe Switch until the Tuner display changes to “2”. This should occur instantly.

  • While holding the pedal in the “heel” (minimum) position, press the D footswitch. The Tuner display will change to “3”.

  • Move the pedal to the toe (maximum) position, without clicking the Toe Switch. Allow the pedal to rest in the toe position (maximum) and press the D button. The LEDs above the Tuner’s numerical display will light.

  • Move the pedal and verify that the LEDs above the Tuner’s numerical display sequentially turn off as the pedal moves to the minimum position, and sequentially light up when the pedal is moved to the maximum position.

Your FBV MkII should now be calibrated. Press D to return to normal operation.

Please let us know your results.

Re: RE: Another dead Express MK II
by bclery on 2011-08-23 18:42:27.6290


I do very much appreciate you trying to help.

I think I was not clear enough about the current state of the device.  Right now it will not communicate with the amp at all.  It will not go into the calibration mode, it never achieves the "1" state.  And, it will not be detected by any PC or MAC as a USB device.  It does not show up in the Windows Device Manager at all.  Installing (or uninstalling) the Monkey or the GuitarPort drivers makes no difference.  Multiple cables have been tried.  Windows will never "pop-up" on the tool bar indicating a device was detected.

At this point the FBV Express MK II only does this:

1) when plugged into a USB port it will flash all the LEDs at a rate or 4 flashes per second.

2) When plugged into the amp it will flash all the LEDs at a rate of 4 flashes per second, but a little brighter than when connected to the USB.

3) When the LEDs are flashing no action on button A, B, C, or D will change anything.

4) When the LEDs are flashing if you click the WAH/VOL switch the LEDs will stop flashing.  No button combination will get them flashing again.

5) Holding down "D" while plugging in the cable has no effect, the condition described above is the same.

Remember that all this was working perfectly, the PC USB, the Spider Edit, the cables, controlling the amp, BEFORE I did the Monkey firmware upgrade.  The Monkey upgrade hosed the firmware and now I can't communicate with it enough to reload the firmware.   Also note that the firmware upgrade process worked fine, no indication of error.

This is why I was hoping that this device was designed with a "protected unchangable" firmware and a separate burnable segment.  I was hoping you had a special boot sequence (hold some buttons) that would at least boot to the protected firmware so I could try reloading the new firmware again.

It is obvious that the hardware is fine and the device is alive in some way.  It did work fine and only the software changed AND it is still flashing some "boot code" at me.

Is this a known issue?  It seems others have had problems with this firmware upload.

What is the meaning of the 4 flashes per second?  Can you tell me what the firmware is trying to indicate?

Are you working on a new firmware that will solve this issue?  (not that I could load it anyway).



Re: RE: Another dead Express MK II
by bclery on 2011-08-26 16:15:34.0580


I see yet another post from some guy that upgraded his FBV Express MK II and now it is a brick.

Are your engineers looking into this?  I don't think you can keep saying "try another cable".



Re: RE: Another dead Express MK II
by bclery on 2011-08-29 15:37:11.5590

Keeping this alive.  I still have this issue and I am still ready to try your sugestions.



Re: RE: Another dead Express MK II
by Line6david on 2011-08-29 15:40:53.2440


I created a support ticket for you so we can resolve this issue. Please respond to the ticket. Thanks.

Q: What is a support ticket?

A: A support ticket allows you to directly correspond with a Line 6 Support Representative. An email will be sent to you from Line 6 containing a link if a Line 6 support representative determines that a ticket is necessary to troubleshoot your issue. Please follow the link in the email to view your open ticket to work one on one with Line 6 Support.

Please note: Sometimes support tickets will be filtered to spam and junk folders. If you did not receive an email from us indicating that a ticket has been created, please make sure to check those folders in your email host.



Line 6 Customer Support

Re: RE: Another dead Express MK II
by bclery on 2011-08-31 06:25:40.2120

I saw the ticket.  We communicated on the ticket.  And now the ticket has vanished.

What's up?

Re: RE: Another dead Express MK II
by bclery on 2011-09-08 12:49:25.3760

This question is showing as "Assumed Answered".   This is inaccurate, can you remove that please.

At this point the unit has been shipped back to further investigate the state it is stuck in.  I am hoping that the engineering analysis will be able to eventually provide an answer to this question.

Re: RE: Another dead Express MK II
by timely on 2011-09-08 23:10:43.5300

I am experiencing nearly identical issues with my FBV MKII Express (on a Spider IV 75). The board flashes all of its LEDs (nothing on the readout display however) just as bclery describes. The only difference between his and mine is that I can still use Spider IV Edit to load, update, and even live-select presets. The board behaves normally when plugged into USB, but as soon as I unplug it from the computer, the LEDs resume flashing and none of the buttons do anything, except the toe switch turns off the LEDs.

I updated the firmware on the Spider IV and the MKII several weeks ago when I bought both and have not had any issues at all while playing. It wasn't until tonight that I really started using the Edit program and all was fine until I disconnected the USB and it started flashing. It was not sending or receiving presets while I unplugged it (I was finished so I unplugged it). That's when it started flashing. I reflashed the MKII twice, at first, I was able to get into calibration mode, but now I cannot.

This is extremely frustrating. I just bought this gear and its already crapping out. Please help.

Re: RE: Another dead Express MK II
by timely on 2011-09-08 23:37:57.7530

This is very bizarre. I got it "working" by unplugging the amp and letting it sit for a few seconds (turned the switch on the amp on while unplugged to try and drain any power left in any capacitors). It worked for about 10 seconds, then the volume LED flashed randomly (as though there was a loose connection somewhere) and then all LEDs started flashing again. I tapped one of the preset buttons on the MKII and it started working again, I noticed that the volume pedal is behaving extremely strange (the best I can describe it is like a dirty potentiometer). The tap light on the LCD, when it actually flashes, acts very strange as well. It will get 3 beats right, then holds the light on from the 4th to the 5th beat, then resumes flashing on beat. As I am typing this, all of the LEDs are flashing now when it was JUST working. It has done this a few times with it on. It comes and goes. Also, the LCD display has randomly alternated between showing the selected preset "b" to showing "-" and "8" and God knows what else I missed while typing this. There is something extremely buggy going on in either the firmware or in the preset I made with the Edit software.

FWIW, the LEDs on the MKII do not flash at the same tempo as the tap light on my Spider IV 75. Also, I've had an iPod plugged into the AUX in on the Spider IV with a cable that is sometimes loose. Furthermore, I've been using a headset that uses USB power and has a tyical 3.5mm headphone jack. I've had the USB plugged into an adapter in the wall (NOT a computer). I've tried power cycling with both the headset and iPod unplugged to no avail. I don't know if any of that is useful, but there you go.

I am going to try resetting the Spider IV to see if that helps.

edit: I had the USB power for the *headset* plugged into the wall. I didn't plug the MKII to the USB wall adapter. I just want to make that clear. I'm just describing how I have things setup.

Re: RE: Another dead Express MK II
by timely on 2011-09-09 02:51:33.4660

It's dead. Please help me too, Line 6.

Re: RE: Another dead Express MK II
by asrocha on 2011-09-11 12:08:33.4310


I am facing exactly the same problem as Tim Ely. I just bought it, used one day and my FBV Express MKII is just dead. It still allows me to use it to link my Spider 75 to my laptop. But as soon as unplug the USB from it, leds start blinking and it becomes useless.

Line6, how can I fix it?


Re: RE: Another dead Express MK II
by fflbrgst on 2011-09-12 05:49:15.4200

Hope the official Line 6 people get back to you guys on this problem.  Seems like there is a bad software problem with the Spider Edit/Monkey updating for this unit - just look at all the threads on these forums.

I had a monkey of a time getting the firmware update to work (eventually with another computer), and didn't try to run Edit as the computer that worked is a 'borrowed' work laptop.

Re: Another dead Express MK II
by bclery on 2011-09-21 12:29:33.9190

This thread is marked as "Assumed Answered", but it has not been.  Can you please mark this as answer pending.

I have returned my FBV Express MK II and we are awaiting an answer after they analyze the unit.

Re: Another dead Express MK II
by fflbrgst on 2011-09-22 05:36:25.2790

bclery - did your support ticket get re-opened/entered?  I'm guessing that once a thread on this forum is marked as 'assumed answered' and closed, it is no longer checked by the line 6 guys, so you (and anyone else who is having the problem) should start new threads here.

Please post any resolution(s) you get so others know what happened.

Re: Another dead Express MK II
by bclery on 2011-09-29 12:48:24.9060

I returned the unit to Line 6.  The intention was that their engineering guys could review the unit closely and determine what is going on.  Hopefully with a goal of understanding the problem and coming up with a solution for us all, or maybe a new code release.

But, it seems all they did is send me a brand new unit.  Of course the new units works fine connected to the amp.

I am afraid to connect the new unit to any PC.  I fear the same lockup will happen.  So I think I'll just stick to the controls on the amp and forget the SpiderEdit program.

I guess I shouldn't bitch, I got a new unit, but still...

Re: Another dead Express MK II
by fflbrgst on 2011-09-30 05:18:19.6270

You should plug it into your computer, fo future firmware updates, you'll need to.  And if there are issues with your new FBV, better to get it replaced now!

Re: Another dead Express MK II
by robsweapon on 2011-09-30 12:10:32.0500

Well at least i'm not nuts had probs with mine since I updated and 15 min ago I now have your prob. nice

Re: Another dead Express MK II
by dodell on 2011-11-30 16:07:59.6260

Yea i am experiencing something similar. when i unplug mine form the labtop it functions ok i can switch between the channels and adjust everything. but the amp then sounds static the volume drops out and it sounds like crap. unplug the board and the amp then sounds fine. also if i replug the usb back in wether the edit program is running or not the amp then sounds fine again.

Re: Another dead Express MK II
by dodell on 2011-11-30 16:10:46.3730

and just to make sure i went to the local music store and hooked it up to a diffrent amp i got the same affect. he then used a diffrent cord and still same affect. i think the edit program doesnt allow for you to disconnect and it is effecting the unit when disconnecting.

Re: Another dead Express MK II
by morkcornelius007 on 2012-01-18 07:19:34.1220

I have the exact same problem, brand new out the box. Bought it on Monday


Re: Another dead Express MK II
by fflbrgst on 2012-01-18 10:25:26.7970

Sorry you are having problems morkconelius, since  you just got it, I'd bring it back for an exchange.

Re: Another dead Express MK II
by mannydingo on 2012-11-01 22:35:47.7290

How about I add to this dead thread about dead FBV Express MKII's ??? Wow, from January to November.

Soooo, I use mine with a POD HD PRO. Under the update there was no power from the Cat5e cable. Plugging into the computer via USB would turn it on but just lights on and only if the Cat cable was disconnected. No lights would turn on in intervals or intermittently like some of you guys. They would light one at a time as if working. A, B, C switches would incorrectly turn on by only staying on if kept pressed. If I let go of the switch, it would turn back off. The D switch, however, would stay on if I removed my foot as it should and then off with another press. If I would plug the Cat5e cable back in, the unit would turn off. Disconnecting the USB cable would not help.

Since my FBV did get recognized by the computer, I went to the Monkey and rolled the firmware back to 1.00. I got most function back. I can now use all four switches in the correct way but I must have BOTH the Cat cable plugged in for data transmission AND the USB for power to the unit. In other words,  the power section of the Cat5e section is not working but data gets sent and ONLY on firmware 1.0. Power must be supplied through the USB cable. It runs like that.

The pedal calibration needs the power to be coming in from the Cat5e so I cannot calibrate it and, in fact, does not lower or raise the volume nor produce any wah effect. Therefore, it just functions for the four switches. Hey, at least I can also get into tuner mode. Yeah, it's pretty bad.

Line6, if you can send me the replacement part for me to replace in the unit, I will fix it myself.  Seems power behind the RJ45 jack is my problem. I don't have warranty on it. Can someone let me know whatever happened with this or if Line 6 addressed it?

Re: Another dead Express MK II
by fflbrgst on 2012-11-02 05:48:44.5770

Line 6 personnel are not typically checking this forum now.  You should start a support ticket, or call Line 6 directly.

Re: Another dead Express MK II
by mannydingo on 2012-11-04 17:14:12.1970


The information above may not be current, and you should direct questions to the current forum or review the manual.