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Can you emulate these tones with M13
by kevanprince on 2011-08-23 12:01:29.5950

Right now I have a Vypyr Tube 60 with Sanpera II. Not a bad modeling amp. However, the looper is pretty weak. Originally I was just looking to find a way to add a decent looper...not easy since the amp has no effects loop. Then I started thinking maybe I'd try the M13. The looper is excellent and, from what I've been reading, the sounds are better than those on the Vypyr (not to mention much more flexible/varied).

Listening to this YouTube video, I'd like to approximate these tones. I'm not trying to reproduce them exactly, but I'd like to get in the general vicinity. I could do that with the M13, no?

The effects he listed are:

Marshall Bluesbreaker clone

Fulltone Fulldrive 2


Demeter Compulater

Basically, that's just three different overdrives and a compressor, right? I see a lot of metal and ambient stuff with the M13 on YouTube, but very little blues. Does it not do blues well? With the variety of tones available, I'd think it should be at least pretty good at about anything...

Re: Can you emulate these tones with M13
by Hebrew on 2012-08-27 05:02:32.3780

I have been trying to do this exact thing as well.  I am not having much success.  The distortion models, no matter how I tweak them, I just can't get that bluesy, blues driver type tone.  I have a Fender Blues Junior with an HSS strat and the M13. 

Re: Can you emulate these tones with M13
by vhollund on 2012-09-01 05:32:15.2840

Try with  Tube comp

eventually an graph EQ taking out 6db at 1k

and 67 spring reverb

Re: Can you emulate these tones with M13
by JTSC777 on 2012-10-29 09:33:19.2230

I get great blues tones using the Fuzz Face and tube driver seperately and together with low gain settings. Amps are JCM 800 combo-Egnater Tweaker and Fender Blues Deluxe Reissue. Great "Red House" tones. I like the M13 because I like to sound like me . If you want Joe Bs' sounds get a JCM 900 and dial it in. A lot of his tone is in his hands and his amp. Not his pedals.

Re: Can you emulate these tones with M13
by ms56 on 2012-11-13 07:05:37.6090

I had similar issues re the distortions and posted a note a few months ago.  Basically, some people love the distortions on the M9/13 and others, myself included, just feel they're a bit "off" versus what we'd like to hear.  Depends what style of music you like to play, and as a blues fan myself I agree with you. 

For me, it seems like every distortion breaks up, like it has a certain kind of scratchiness to it.  I found two ways to combat this.  One is to realize that the drive settings need to be very low  - with many pedals the best action is between 50-75%, but with Line 6 its really around 0-40% where you want to try it.  Each tiny little tweak does something, so start out around 10% drive for starters (just raise the output knob if its not loud enough).  Human nature makes you want to start at 50% (plus their defaults start around there too) but you need to move lower.

The second solution was I bought a Fulltone OCD to use in front of the M9.  Amazing pedal and it now covers 80% of my songs.  Which also freed up a slot on the M9 for something else and I have gotten great feedback from using chorus and flanger more than I used to.  So just realize the M9/M13 can't do everything for everyone but its still pretty cool overall.

Re: Can you emulate these tones with M13
by JTSC777 on 2012-11-13 08:57:49.6650

Agreed. I have to also include that I start by listening to whatever tube amp I am using set to a very loud clean tone first with no effects at all. Bone dry. Then I add the M13(if that's what I am using) or one of my boards with individual pedals. I continually switch between the loud clean tone and the colored and effected tones. Trying to do everything with the M13 or any other stomp boxes won't work very well. They are an enhancement to a properly biased and set up tube amp. For anything else where I need heavy processing and instant radical tonal changes I use an HD300.

Re: Can you emulate these tones with M13
by rodney13 on 2012-11-14 00:59:58.8870

I can get some very decent blues rock tones using the M13 into a good tube amp and if i had some sought of recording device i would let you all hear

though Its taken me some time to get the M13 and my Marshall Plexi to like each other as the M13 has so many options.

I have tried Analog pedals and they do sound good but for me they seem to have a sharp edged tone through my amp and my amp is already knife edged and freaking loud

The M13 for me rounds the tone nicely and adds a little hint of natural compression , i guess that what digital does.

I still think there is something wrong with the M13 Screamer as i seem to be getting the guitar dry signal mixed in with the screamer effect and that seems to be more noticeable on a guitar with active pickups as one with passive.

I find the Tube drive works best for blues / rock ,  also add a compressor  and some EQ to taste ,and a little reverb.

I do find you have to find what EQ and compressor works best for you.

I also find when you select an effect don't just think the default setting is it as you can tweak to taste and you might find some surprise's.

One trick that works for me is don't just turn on all effects at once that you are going to use for a particular scene and try to tweak  , Start with each effect by itself and tweak to taste.

Good luck with trying to emulate what you want  but remember its not just the gear you use its also about your playing that will determine the outcome.

Re: Can you emulate these tones with M13
by JTSC777 on 2012-11-16 09:18:08.9660

I strongly agree with Rodney 13! The M13/M9 will not make a crappy amp sound good. You have to start with a good clean preferably tube platform. The HD500 etc... are designed to be used with power amps-solid state amps  etc... and will help with deficiencies in those type of setups. Having said that I run my HD300 into the effect loop of my Egnater Tweaker into a 1x12 cab and it kills!!! Tubes are almost always better if you can afford them and know how to maintain a tube amp.

Re: Can you emulate these tones with M13
by kevanprince on 2012-11-23 18:37:38.0190

Hi guys. It's been a while since I visited. Since my original post things have really changed. I now have a couple different amps and a bunch of pedals I can use. Basically I can supplement the analog pedals with the m13. My amps are now:

Marshall JVM 410H with 1960A cab

Fender Hot Rod Deluxe

Pedals include:

TCE Flashback Delay

TCE Corona Chorus

Fulltone OCD

Suhr Riot

Fulltone Fulldrive 2

Fulltone Deja Vibe

Bluesbreaker clone

Getting good blues tones is no longer a long as I have a decent player over to visit! :)

M13 can add in reverb and specialty effects like Octavia, Fuzz, Tremolo, etc. I even picked uo a Boss RC-3 Looper, but am still more comfy with the M13's controls.

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