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Help on some Christian Tones
by naruto177 on 2011-08-23 14:58:37.3130

I have a few songs I need to get tones of.

Hosanna--Hillsong United    

You are Good--Bethel Live    


Thank you very much!

Re: Help on some Christian Tones
by pod20 on 2011-08-24 07:04:42.4880

I have a couple of tones that I've used.  Not exactly these songs, but I tweaked them for what I needed and they worked very well when I played.  Unfortunately I am having one heck of a time trying to post these tones for you.  I have no attach file option, and when I try to do it in another way it states, "file types not allowed".  If you can help with that I will post them for you.  I will keep trying.

Re: Help on some Christian Tones
by naruto177 on 2011-08-25 08:51:29.2060

Thanks so much. By any chance, can you give me a link of the tones or put on rapidshare by any chance? I would highly apprecciate sooooooo much!!!!  Getting ready to play at church soon and Im all new to tones and got my pod 500 and no clue how to use it without problems or have the ear to know what songs have.

Thank you

Re: Help on some Christian Tones
by shieldsj on 2011-08-25 14:28:05.7100

I've covered lots of Hillsong stuff and other similar Christian music. Your EQ and gain settings will really depend on what guitar you are using, and what amp you are playing through (or different if you're going direct). Obviously, the best way to emulate the sounds is to find out what gear the guitarists are using, and a simple google search will usually yield results for popular guitarists (like Nigel from Hillsong United).

Hillsong United's lead player usually goes through an AC-30, so I'd start there. I set the gain low to get the clean tones and use stomp boxes for overdrive. I've found the Tube Driver to be smooth and juicy without coloring the tone too much, so I'd recommend using it. Hillsong's guitars always have that huge arena sound, so unless you're playing in a huge room, I'd add some reverb sparingly (I like the spring reverb). I also add a compressor for additional smoothness and sustain (tube comp), and don't forget the delay. Settings will vary based on taste/guitar, but that's a blueprint you might find helpful.

If you want more sounds in that realm, I've found the Fender Deluxe to work great, with the same type of pedal set-up.

Hope that helps some.

Re: Help on some Christian Tones
by daveschutt on 2011-08-26 05:51:22.1730

I don't know what HD model you have.  I have an HD500 and have posted all my worship tones to also you might also join the Praise and Worshp Musicians group as there is a lot of tone sharing there.  I agree with what Sheildsj is saying with the exception of Linclon Brewster most of the P&W tones work best with the AC30 model.  IMO many of the tones in this genre of music are borrowed from The Edge and so it's surprising that he also uses AC30's for his sound.

I go Studio/Direct and a few tips I can pass along-- Because you'll be playing through a FRFR PA color your tones more mid and have the highs dialed down other wise they'll be piercing when playing live.  Unless you're playing a small church I'd have the reverb not more than 30% otherwise your guitar won't really project.  LIkewise for your delays like in the songs you mentioned to push through you'll need to up the feedback to about 35% and mix to about 60%.  The reason I say this is because at home it sounds a little obnoxious but live with a full band you get the right amount of delay repeats.  Stay away from stereo or ping-pong delays live because most likely you'll be mono to the FOH.  Finally one thing I found in researching Hillsong was that their guitarists often use 2 delays one set at dotted 1/8 and the other set at 1/4.  You may have to balance the mixes a bit between the 2 but that gives more distinct Ta-ta-ta,Ta-ta-ta repeat pattern. I also found that putting the delays after the amp blocks gives you cleaner repeats.

RE: Help on some Christian Tones
by Line6Don on 2011-08-26 09:21:35.6790

Hey naruto177,

I would suggest looking through some of the tones available at:

Here is some things to consider when trying to create an artist-inspired tone “from scratch,” start by researching the guitar setup you are trying to emulate. Web sites, such as and, list the rigs of many well-known guitarists. Guitar and recording magazines often print accurate diagrams and layouts (sometimes with the actual microphones used and distance from the cabinet).

Finding the following information will help you create an artist tone from scratch:

•Amplifier, speaker and cabinet. Generally speaking, open-back guitar cabinets (such as a 2x12 cabinet found on many Fender® and Vox® amplifiers) will have less low-end response than a closed-back cabinet (such as a 4x12 closed-back cabinet used with many Marshall® and Mesa/Boogie® amplifiers)

•Guitar (make/model) and pickup type. Alder or Ash bodies (commonly found on many Fender® guitars) sound different than mahogany bodies with maple tops (commonly found on many Gibson® guitars). Single-coil pickups (often used for bright/clean tones) sound different than humbuckers (which sound darker than single-coil pickups but not as noisy when used for higher gain tones)

•Pedals, effects and signal-chain placement. Effects can drastically change a guitar tone so you should know what effects were used and where they were placed (between the instrument and amplifier, or after the amplifier).

•Microphone type and placement. If possible, find out the kind of microphone used to record the tone and its angle and distance from the speaker. All of these play a significant role in changing the sound.

Re: Help on some Christian Tones
by daveschutt on 2011-08-26 13:27:04.7360

One thing I forgot to add- For clean boosts I opt for the FX loop method.  That is put an effects loop in your signal path at the end.  Use a short patch cable from the send to the L/Mono return and then boost the return about 4 db.  Then assign the effects loop to one of the F1-4 switches (I choose F4)  I couldn't find any of the Boosts in the HD that I really liked.  An alternative is to use an EQ with the boosts but I opt to not use any of the EQ's 1. I find them too complicated 2. For EQ's I need to see a wave or at least have slider controls and their Q's and %'s don't do it for me.

Re: Help on some Christian Tones
by naruto177 on 2011-08-26 14:08:52.3110

Thank you guys very much!!!!!!

Re: Help on some Christian Tones
by 4runner on 2011-08-26 22:28:03.1550

Im really curious in learning how to use the loop method in creating tones. I hav hd400 and wondered if you can educate me in learning how to use send/return. I know this is vague but whatever you can respond with i can learn more.

Re: Help on some Christian Tones
by daveschutt on 2011-08-27 05:29:50.8450

I'm assuming you mean FX loop method for a clean boost in your tone.  So to what I'm doing is instead of using a overdrive or compression pedal I'm using the FX loop with no outboard effects.  Here's the steps:

1. Put an FX loop at the end of your signal chain.

2. Take a small patch cord liked you'd use between 2 pedals and put one end in the Send and the other in L/Mono.

3. Go to the FX loop on the HD signal chain and turn the 3rd knob to get the return parameter. 

4. Turn the 4th knob to adjust the db boost usually 4db is sufficient.

5. While FX loop is still chosen in he signal chain, press and hold the Enter button so you can assign it a footswitch. 

6. Turn the 1st knob until you get to F4.

7. Save your patch.

Now you can use F4 to turn on or off your "Clean Boost" .  If you want your patch to have the boost off, remember to turn it off then save the patch again so it will be off when you change to it.  Also, very important, you must have that patch cord in place you'lll get no sound.  Let me know if you have any questions.

The information above may not be current, and you should direct questions to the current forum or review the manual.