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I have ordered another JTV-59
by dmpoole on 2011-08-27 05:55:27.9070

After purchasing my Tyler JTV-59 CSB in late June I've decided it's the best guitar I've bought in my 41 years of gigging.

Even without the electronics it suits my hands perfectly and the other week I broke a string halfway through a spot and had to use my Gibson Les Paul which felt inferior.

Anyway, the guitar is ordered and will be saved for one month from today so I have to sell my Les Paul, if not they'll give me a decent enough price px.


Re: I have ordered another JTV-59
by Nick_Mattocks on 2011-08-27 15:28:00.7130

Nice.... :-)   You're not going to risk it at the Witton Chimes though are you?  There didn't used to be enough room in there to swing a cat let alone a nice guitar LOL

Re: I have ordered another JTV-59
by jcdc1967 on 2011-09-02 03:45:16.5010

Hi Dave,

Same for me. Got my second one yesterday. I was lincky to get the black at a good price. Now I have the sunburst one.

Of course, the Variax technology is a great step forward in the guitar world and history.

But before all, the Tyler is a great guitar for it's price. I am playing for 20+ years and I have owned many guitars (Gibson, Fender, Gretsch, Duesenberg, ... ). I am not a top player but a descent one. What I can say is that the guitar is well buildt, finish is as good as a Gibson, the neck is really great and the finish of the sunburst is superb. Actually, it looks much better than on internet pictures.

After I had been playing a few days on my Variax I picked back my Fender Deluxe and Gibson SG ... the neck of the Variax is so confortable and the overall feeling is si great that I decided to go for a second one. No regrets ...

The only thing I am missing is a tremolo arm on it ...

Maybe for the next generation


Re: I have ordered another JTV-59
by dmpoole on 2011-09-04 07:50:52.8730

I have used my first JTV-59 CSB in that pub and there is a bit more room in there now.

Re: I have ordered another JTV-59
by dmpoole on 2011-09-04 07:52:07.4300

Tyler Twins.jpg

Re: I have ordered another JTV-59
by Nick_Mattocks on 2011-09-04 08:36:36.8010

I haven't played there for a few years, but it used to be tiny and the band I was with then was a 6 piece with two backing singers so eight of us LOL.

Nice addition to the family there Dave.  Good stuff


Re: I have ordered another JTV-59
by dmpoole on 2011-09-04 08:50:45.7820

Thought you might like some thoughts of somebody on another forum I posted the picture up to:

Its a gimmick imo,

It sounds soulless and digital

Its Korean

What have you done? You have sold a Yamaha SG and Gibson Les Paul for some Korean tat with an effects module in it?

I guarantee you will regret it. Mark my words...When the novelty as worn off and you realise that you will use maybe 5% of the sounds that an FX pedal could do anyway your left with Firewood.

They don't even look that cool.

I have no problem with buying one outright as a bit of fun as a laugh a gimmick to add to the collection. But sacrificing a Gibson and SG for one is maddness.

This is of course my opinion and as your OP wanted peoples opinions I have given you mine

Re: I have ordered another JTV-59
by Nick_Mattocks on 2011-09-04 09:33:17.7550

Well, I kept my Gibson Les Paul and my Yamaha SG, but have to say that with the exception of the switch problem i have experienced (it's behaving 100% reliably now), the guitar is a really nice instrument and it's in the same sort of ball-park as both the aforementioned.  I have tried a few JTV-59 guitars - both Korean and US and really the difference between them there is virtually no difference, and really I could not detect any difference between the feel and playability of the Korean and US models.  The Korean JTV CSB that I have here is a ringer for yours and is a really nice guitar with 'classic' design lines in its genes for sure.

I would guess that the poster who offered his opinions probably hasn't actually tried a JTV-59 (he'd have had to have found one in stock for starters).  He's clearly under the mistaken impression (as a lot are) that the guitar is a synth of some description and as you obviously know, that ain't the case; the closest it comes to that I guess is the pitch shifting that's involved in the twelve string emulations.

Has he tried getting to the high frets on a Gibson Les Paul lately?  Don't get me wrong I love my LP and won't willingly part with it, but Gibson could learn a thing or two from the way the neck-body joint has been done on the JTV-59.

The boy obviously needs educating LOL and whilst this switch thing is causing a bit of concern at the moment, he doesn't seem to have grasped the concept.  However, I had the same opinion back in 2004 I think it was when I visited a local branch of a chain here in the north-west UK and enquired about the Variax as I'd heard about them and seen the ads with Steve Howe brandishing one but I just didn't get it and the store sales guy didn't either - and nor did he really bother to expand on it.  It was about 18 months later when I bought a 300 at a reasonable price thinking I'd take a chance that I actually understood what a Variax was and realised the potential of the electronics.  I swapped the neck for a Strat neck and it's a good comfortable guitar now.  However the store guy 18 months previously actually turned me right off and perpetuated my ignorance for 18 months longer than was necessary LOL.

The cool factor as far as looks go is a matter of opinion, but of the three models, my favourite is definitely the CSB/TSB 59 with the 89 and some of the 69's I've seen being as cool as anything else out there

I have an 89 as well as the 59 and I can tell you that if you've ever fallen in love with the slim style necks on Ibanez RG models as I have, you wouldn't be disappointed with the 89 either

Re: I have ordered another JTV-59
by dmpoole on 2011-09-04 12:27:58.2110

I actually took 2 guitar collectors with me who are also luthiers/repairers and they couldn't understand why I was buying it thinking it was a gimmicky synth guitar.

When it was taken out of the box they both stood back not expecting the quality of the finish.

Both of them tried it on and after acoustically trying it for 10 minutes could now see what I was on about.

One of them had set my Variax 300 up so knew the sonic capabilities of it because he was in a Stevie Ray Vaughan/Jimi Hendrix tribute band and as soon as he put it on setting 1 on Spank he had got the sound he had been striving for.

While looking round the shop they were comparing the finishes on PRS and Suhr saying the Tyler was as good as any of them.

It's quite funny but when I was leaving the shop I turned to the Manager and said "Well my guitar collection has now significally decreased" and he said "Far from it, your guitar collection has just become massive".

Re: I have ordered another JTV-59
by dmpoole on 2011-09-04 12:38:32.9400

BTW, I also bought two of these for £90 the pair - Peavey Molded Case Electric


Re: I have ordered another JTV-59
by laelamiles on 2011-09-04 13:03:26.0880

Nice but you probably need a better guitar strap.   You also don't want the hard plastic of that strap scratching your guitar finish right?

Re: I have ordered another JTV-59
by dmpoole on 2011-09-04 13:20:59.4820

Spec me a guitar strap because I couldn't find anything I thought suitable and I don't like anything fancy.

nickmattocks - what are you using on yours?

Re: I have ordered another JTV-59
by Nick_Mattocks on 2011-09-04 13:42:54.0450

I have a very soft leather strap I've had for years


Re: I have ordered another JTV-59
by edstar1960 on 2011-09-04 14:12:20.3370

I have a black soft leather strap from Fender which I got last year. Google "leather guitar strap" and you will find lots of options that are quite plain but quality soft leather.



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