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Volume control on SV ...can you help a brother out
by eschmitty on 2011-08-28 09:05:05.7650

Hey folks,

Im really struggling with my spidervalve 112 mkii and I need some advice..  As you know, Its all or nothing type volume, so I adjusted my volume channel on my patches to the 9 oclock position.  Its works well but I lost all my head room on the tone. The volume levels off very fast when I try to increase on my guitar. I have the master volume set on 8 oclock positon.

Also I usually keep the mkii pedal board volume pegged down because its way to sensative to use, and I also want to be able to engage the wah.  Any help on how you found the most effective way to set up the volume on the amp, channel, and pedal would be appreciated.



Re: Volume control on SV ...can you help a brother out
by cgtrox on 2011-09-01 23:35:35.8850

I start with the Master at noon and ALL the other knobs at zero! That is the only way to get good solid headroom, and this amp definitely has it! Once you start building and tweaking tones from that foundation you will hear the difference. Now that's actually pretty loud and it's one the way I do it, but it depends on your stage volume, if you're miking it, etc. I actually have TWO sets of tones with the master set at noon and the other with the master set at ten o'clock...


Re: Volume control on SV ...can you help a brother out
by spaceatl on 2011-09-02 10:03:21.9020

+1 cg...

One thing you can do to smooth out the volume pedal is set the Min and Max values on each patch...I setup my volume pedal as a modest boost...Min is about 80% and Max is 100%...This give me a little boost when I kick the wah...I have some patches where I make the volume pedal in effective...set the min and max to 100% (or 80%)...Whatever makes sense for the patch relative to your other patch volumes...The volume pedal setup is per patch, so it's a bit of tweaking to get all you patches where you want them...

Another thing you can do to loosen up the master a little is to set all your MAX vol pedal values to 50%...This allows you to turn the channel volume up a little more too...Again a bit of a pain, but you can do it a bit quicker in Edit if you are hooked up to the PC...

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